Inner peace is the only true starting point of peace, anywhere. If you yourself are not inwardly peaceful, then how can you know what peace is for others? Even more: How can you seek to impose “peace” on others, or to “keep” the peace somewhere?

You can’t. You cannot.

One who is not themself at peace has no credential for externally imposing it.

Nor can “peace” even be externally imposed at all. Order can be maintained, sure; but peace does not get layered onto a person. Think about it.

YET: How beautiful is it to see this concept of inner peace now being recognized and embodied, by people everywhere and especially by people who partake in our military, security, intelligence, and government communities?

The post below is from a co-founder of Warriors At Ease: A yoga- and meditation-based organization whose target audience is the military. And they are very successful:

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That is true progress. The Masters and yogis, who devoted their lives to educating non-believers about the transformational power of yogic technology, and who did so amidst scorn (which I myself have faced in carrying out this same mission), would be pleased. Peace on Earth starts with peace in you and in me and in him and in…


Added August 16: Peace versus Hate: Cultivate inner peace and broadcast it to all mankind.  Energy healing for you and our world.

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