It sometimes takes a dose of drama before our culture will incorporate esoteric information into their lives.  This is noticeable with one of the astrological events that happens every four months or so: Mercury Retrograde.  Common now are posters and knickknacks that say, “Don’t blame me for what I said during Mercury Retrograde,” or “Mercury made me do it.”  And while it’s true that Mercury in retrograde can encourage unusual, even hasty words and actions, it is us who ultimately decides whether to allow the disruption or to block it in favor of choosing more wisely.

So instead of needing a warning that Merc Rx (as its short form is known) is coming, and melodramatically hiding from it or blaming this planet for what it has always done and always will do, let’s play the game the way it is designed to be played: Let’s learn the rules; learn the purpose; and win.

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