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How much healing can happen in any given appointment? That question arises often, and so in this video, I answer it.

The bottom line is that two factors are involved: the skills of the healer, and the willingness of the client.

1. Each healer has limits, and it is important for the healer and their client to be aware of them.

2. Each client has a different willingness to be healed. Why? Because healing takes effort. So, I share some examples of where my own skills were limited by the client, as well as where my skills were put to good use.

What types of issues can we heal? Physical pain and illness. Emotional issues. And soul-deep problems, such as a heavy heart, deep grief, and the idea that “my soul is tired,” which all stem from past lives, karmic baggage, ancestors, and more.

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Music: “Moola Mantra” by DJ Taz Rashid.

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