As our world undergoes a major transformation, and deals with millennia of unhealed wounds, four things are happening**:
– First, wounds are surfacing and many of them involve violence by males against females.
– Second, the energy of the Divine Feminine is being reclaimed and embodied.
– Third, the energies of the Divine Masculine are being reclaimed and embodied.
– And fourth, the energies of *both* the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are being brought into balance.
At the end of this process, we will have a perfect balance of Masculine and Feminine energies existing within people and on this planet.

The Superficial Perspective

That said, a superficial perspective on this work is causing people to view it only as *gender*; not as *energy.*
They are also using the uprising of feminine energy to exercise voices that have long been suppressed.
They are often doing so before they have healed their own inner wounds.
The effect that this is having is two-fold: a perspective that *females* (that is, souls who are currently inhabiting female bodies) are a superior gender; and a perspective that *males* (that is, souls who are currently inhabiting male bodies) are inferior.
This is not so.

We Are All Equal

Both genders have equal value. And the transformation of our world is not about physical gender–it is about energy.
I rarely wade in on discussions such as the “future is female” movement, but there seems to be something going around right now, and I decided to shed my light on it.
Our Future is Balanced. Our Future is Equal.
The shift is about Energy: Masculine and Feminine. Not the type of body that anyone is wearing.
**Actually, many things are happening. But here are four of them.
I invite you to support my work, with thanks.
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3 thoughts on “The Future is not “Female”; it’s EQUAL

  1. Crystal,

    Thank you for your incredibly kind words and nomination. I appreciate both.

    And I share your perspective: we all are one–whatever form we are in. Yogi Bhajan used to say, “If you cannot see God in ALL, then you cannot see God at all.” I feel he was saying the same thing.

    I will aim to complete your 11 Questions for the Nominees, and will trackback to your post as I do so.

    A gentle disclosure: I probably will be unable to nominate a further 11 bloggers, though, as I don’t keep up with blogs.

    May I ask: Would it be okay if I copied your comment to my main website (

    I wish you continued writing success and thank you again for your nomination.



  2. I love, love, love your website. Personally, I believe we are all one and are all equal to everything from humans, animals, nature, and more. We all contribute to this planet and work together to provide everything. We are all equal, man, woman, cat, dog, trees, and flowers. I also wanted to let you know I nominated you for the sunshine blogger award you can read the post if you would like. Thank you for such eye-opening writings, I truly enjoy this site.

    Liked by 1 person

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