This is a re-post of an article that was published in August 2018.

Bad things happen, right? Does it not also seem like, sometimes, the bad people get away with their actions (or worse, are even rewarded for them)? And what about the good people—why are good people everywhere not rewarded for being good?

Do bad acts go unpunished, and good acts go unrewarded?

The answer is no. But, there’s a “but…”

No, deeds do not go unpunished or unrewarded, but it may seem like they do—because of the amount of time that sometimes passes between the action and its reaction.

What does it mean that a lot of time might pass between the time of the action and the time of the consequence? And what exactly is a “punishment” and a “reward”?

What these are is karma. And the timing issue relates to how karma works, and what its purpose is.

So let’s understand what is karma and the mechanics of karma. And then we will have a framework into which we may insert people and events, and then not only evaluate them clearly but also respond to them effectively.

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