I often say that there are tomes of scientific evidence that prove the existence of energy healing and psychic abilities (which are somewhat the same thing).  The evidence proves that it is real, that it works, and even how it works.  Notable are studies done by the US military and the Russian military, and anyone interested in that angle might look at books by Russel Targ, Lyn Buchanan, and Ingo Swann.

I recently encountered, however, a new physics book that has sparked personal excitement about the merger of science and spirituality, and so this is just a short post to share it.


The physicist Nassim Haramein is credited as saying that what we consider to be “spiritual” is simply the physics that we do not yet understand.

That is, what we consider to be “impossible” is actually indeed possible; but, our science simply has not yet been able to see it and measure it.

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