An Intense Two Weeks

Time is moving faster and faster, and the start of this month made that clear: Within the first 12 days, we watched Australia be consumed by fire, we held our breath as the USA and Iran were posturing for possible war, we had a lunar eclipse, and we experienced a once-in-500-years event when Pluto conjuncted Saturn in the sign of Capricorn–triggering what some are calling a “Cosmic reset.”


Physical World

On the physical plane, we see that our world is continuing to fall apart.  The world as we have known it is being dismantled–and that’s a positive thing.  The “patriarchal era” is what is falling; the period when aggression ruled the world.  This trend will only continue–and even intensify–as 2020 progresses.

To this, I say: Please put “preparedness” on your to-do list.  Become aware of the possibilities of what could happen in your area, and ensure you have supplies that would get you through an emergency.  Food, water, cash, copies of important documents, medications, pet food, gas, candles and matches, flashlights and batteries, and sets of clothing set aside in a “go bag.”  Preparedness offers comfort, especially in this time of global upheaval.


Spiritual World

On the spiritual plane, however, the new era of life on Earth is growing beautifully.  It continues to happen that people are feeling blissful, filled with love, and filled with peace.  It continues to happen that people are noticing that they have psychic gifts, to include communication with angelic beings.  And it continues to happen that hearts are wide open and emanating love and compassion to all of life on this planet.

This trend, too, will only continue.


Look for the Light

So while the first half of January 2020 was filled with unbelievable magnitudes of loss, know that the outcome is intended to be positive.  As the physical plane collapses, the new one is already under construction; indeed, it is partly built already.  Look for the light.


This article was originally published on my website.  If you’d like to make a small donation of thanks, I appreciate it.

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