The My Village 3xperience Podcast

In this high-level discussion about spirituality, energy, and the nature of reality, Jen Wozny talks with Ottawa’s Meissa Sarr of the My Village 3xperience podcast.

We discuss:

– why empathy, honesty, and connection to Source are Jen’s “essentials” (even more than love);

– how Jen began working in the Intelligence Community, and the signs that our soul gives us throughout our lives;

– why, exactly, things like astrology and crystals are useful;

– what we can learn from being alone with ourselves;

– what “spirituality” really is–and why quantum physicists are kinda-sorta spiritual;

– why there truly is a dark side to the energy world–and how to easily understand it;

– psychic attacks;

– why protests, letter-writing, and other forms of activism are not always effective, and how Dark Occultism plays into this;

– one aspect of being a “Lightworker”;

– why many of us have Yoga all wrong;

– and more.

Listen to the podcast above or on iTunes, on Spotify, on Google, on SoundCloud, on Stitcher, or on the other platforms listed here.

This was originally published on my website.

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