I’ve resonated with this proverb since I first saw it when I was about 17 years old: “Fall 7 times. Stand up 8.”

To me, it means, “just keep going.” It means: Believe in yourself to get back up; have the strength and determination to get back up; and have faith that if you get back up, then you’ll succeed eventually.


But, there isn’t one right way to do something—every single time.

There’s really only “the right way to do it, in this moment.”


So, sometimes we can’t get up, and we need to just allow ourselves to rest for awhile.

fall 7 times, fall seven times, proverb, the right way, more than one right way


And other times, when we’ve been knocked down one thousand too many times, we need to come up fighting.

more than one right way, come up fighting

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