I was going through some of the photos from my “spiritual road trip” the other day, and thought I’d share some of the experiences I had. joy

Over the four years of driving across North America, one of my favorite experiences occurred in Joshua Tree National Park.

road trip, spiritual road trip, spiritual journey, self discovery, joshua tree national park
Joshua Tree National Park, California: A piece of open land filled with large, smooth rocks, and of course the Joshua Trees.


If you’ve never been there, it’s just a large piece of land in California filled with the eponymous trees—and huge rocks.

I love rocks.

So, I decided to treat myself: While spending a couple nights in Joshua Tree, I dedicated an entire morning plus several hundred dollars to a private lesson for rock climbing.

joshua tree, rock climbing, pure joy, do something fun
This is the rock I climbed. We spent a couple of very happy hours together.


There was nothing “spiritual” about it. There were no lessons for personal growth. There were no challenges to overcome.

It was just a purely happy experience, just for me, just because it made me happy.


Whatever it is we’re working towards, it’s so important to do things simply for the joy that they bring us.


What do you do just for the sake of your happiness?


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