Continuing the theme of “doing things just because they make you happy,” here’s one of my other absolute favorite times from my 4-year road trip: LA.

I had the great fortune of staying with someone for a few days in Los Angeles, and they took me to see the sights.

We went to the beach and I stuck my feet in the Pacific Ocean.

pacific ocean, feet in the water,
I was using a burner phone back then, so I didn’t get the best “feet in the ocean” photo. And it was cold: January in LA is pretty cold.


We visited this famous carnival area at the beach–Pacific Park.

pacific park, california, road trip, spiritual road trip, a day of fun


We saw the “HOLLYWOOD” sign.

hollywood sign, road trip, tourist in la, ottawa business,
That little white line in the top center of the picture is the “HOLLYWOOD” sign. Without actually going up to the sign itself, this was the best street from which to see it, my friend said.


I was a little star-struck by all of the movie posters and paraphernalia everywhere. I know, it’s LA, there’s obviously movie stuff everywhere; but it was my first time.

la, movie poster,
You can literally feel the energy of Hollywood and the movie industry. But if you can’t feel it, then you can definitely see it–posters and ads are everywhere.


And I got to see my guy Jason Bourne’s star on the Walk of Fame.

matt damon, walk of fame, spiritual road trip, road trip, jen wozny
Hello, Jason. Someone spelled your name wrong… 😉 (I’m also a genuine fan of Matt Damon, so it wasn’t a hardship to see his star.)


I was just a tourist that day, and I loved it.

Zero spiritual stuff. Just play and enjoyment of this planet we live on.


Do you have a favorite moment from a vacation or trip that you took?

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