On the Weekly Healing Call tonight, someone asked if I could help to heal their medical illness. This person knew that it was possible—healing/curing a medical illness.

I am not personally familiar with the illness they named. But: I’m of course willing to work with them.

When a client comes to me with a medical illness or a mental illness that I’m not familiar with, I spend time prior to the appointment learning about that issue.

I will read medical/psychological explanations of the issue. I’ll also look into metaphysical explanations for it.

Prior to working with something new, I want to understand it—as much as it is right to do that.

I don’t want to fill the logical and rational side of my brain to capacity. I just want enough of an understanding.

I leave room for the weirdness…

Because when we tune in—to whatever issue we might be dealing with—the person’s energy takes us to places that we couldn’t have predicted. To another universe, for example, to deal with a past life that didn’t end well—and which is now presenting in their human life as “medical illness x.”

So I’m happy to work with medical or psychological diagnoses; I do this often with clients.

If you have something you’d like help with, I’d be happy to do my part.

~ Jen


*Note: I do not provide medical advice, and my work should not be construed as being such.


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