I woke up Saturday morning feeling like I’d been in battle.  I was weary, and so exhausted I could weep.

There are indeed battles going on—in the physical realm as well as in the psychic ones; so probably I really had been in battle.

The past week of outrage and riots has been challenging for empaths.

Side note: This situation is much worse for the people who are fighting for their rights and freedoms; in no way am I minimizing their pain.  (And I can’t say in the right words how much I’m sorry for everything you have been through. But I’m fighting for you on the levels that I work with.)

Empathically, the tension and stress has been immense.  There were days last week when I literally couldn’t handle one tiny task, like answering a question, because my stress levels were beyond capacity.

As well, some of us haven’t been eating.  I’m either nauseous and can’t eat because I’ll feel more sick.  Or I don’t want to eat.  Or I don’t know what to eat.  Most days, I put food in my tummy only because I know that keeping it empty will make me sicker.

Sleep has been disturbed since mid-December, and this was exacerbated with the pandemic-related anxieties since March.  So I can’t say whether the protests have further disrupted sleep.

I also find that we’ve reached our limit of keeping quiet, or observing silently, or pitching in behind the scenes only.  Many people are now vocal—and strongly so.  They’re demanding change; they’re demanding that their friends and colleagues get up off the couch and do something—now.  They’re calling out the people who still choose to sit comfortably.

I’ll be honest and admit that I’m amongst the ones who reached their limit with ignorance and empty words.  But I’ve been here for years, as many others have, too.

And it’s okay that we’ve reached our limits—sometimes, it’s only when we snap that we make change.

Change is needed.

But coming back to how it feels right now, the turmoil is intense.  We might spontaneously break into tears, or spontaneously become enraged, or spontaneously drop with fatigue.

This comes on top of what the pandemic has been doing to us…

It’s such a difficult time.  And it’s only going to get more intense: The world is scheduled for serious change; and this particular month is filled with energetic events that will promote it.

So, please, take care of yourself.  Be gentle with yourself.  Be gentle with others.

If you’re feeling any of this, know that it’s not just you.

Heal, clear, nourish, and rest.  And find happiness when and where you can.

If I can help you feel better with healing, let me know.


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