Since May 2017, every single week I’ve been offering energy healing for $15 during a group teleconference. I created this model to help the greatest number of people, on a reliable basis, for a price that everyone could afford.

After three years, I feel it is time to make a change.

I will still offer these calls, but they will be held once a month–the first Wednesday of each month. As before, anyone may join, and will receive guided meditation, connection with their Higher Self, distant energy healing, and guidance during the Q&A period.

I always want to be available to help. The need for meaningful healing is only making itself known on an increasing basis. But this shift will allow me to be open to new and even more-responsive offerings.

The Weekly Healing Calls will continue for the month of June 2020. As of July 2020, they will begin in their monthly form.

The schedule for the rest of the year is therefore: July 1; August 5; September 2; October 7; November 4; and December 2.

If ever you need dedicated healing, remember that appointments begin at $35 (see here), and that the “Energy by Email” product gives you energy healing without an actual appointment (see here).

For everyone who has ever been part of the weekly grouping, thank you for joining that space with me. It has been, and always is, my honor to be with you and to do my part to help and heal, individually as well as collectively. ❤

~ Jen

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