Plant seeds. Take every opportunity that comes to you; follow it to the end. Be open. Stay flexible.

A friend offered me a job yesterday. As you can see, it has an amazing salary (😆). So of course I will consider it.

I am, though, considering it. Not because I need a new job (I LOVE what I do). Simply because I know how the Universe works:

Our lives have plans, goals, and lessons attached to them. We each have a generalized agenda for our time on Earth. The details of the agenda, however, are often undecided.

There are many ways to reach a goal. So the details get filled in along the way.

Therefore, it is useful to accept every opportunity that comes to us–*and which feels right to us.*

In this way, we are allowing the Universe to bring us ever-closer to our goals.

For me, I have planted more “seeds” than I can count; and planted them in a wide variety of domains and industries. I never know which will sprout and bear fruit. So I keep planting.

And every opportunity that does come along and feel right, I commit to following it to its natural end.

This current “job opportunity” at the moment is just another seed being planted, and we’re looking at the longer-term future. Our intention is to have a large and constructive impact on the world, in areas of governance, wellbeing, justice, and the diminishing of the war machine (my former employer).

So I may accept the in-name-only position. ❤ But I do it knowing that it’s just yet another step towards the overall goal of my life: helping.

As entrepreneurs, this strategy has actually been given a label: Effectual Reasoning.

It’s a good way to build your wellness business. Have a goal, but be flexible with how you get there. Know that sometimes you’ll travel sideways or even backwards; but each step fundamentally takes you closer.

~ Jen


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