I wanted to address something that others might be feeling. So if you are experiencing this, then know that you’re not alone.

What’s happening now is that, while our body sleeps, our spirit is spending time in other realms. And these realms are violent.

What I mean by “other realms” is varied. We could be in an alternate reality, in one of our other lives, on another planet, on a ship, or inside of someone else’s body here on Earth.

But we’re spending time in these realms and either being hunted, hurt, or otherwise abused.

Last night, for example, I was in and out of a nasty place two different times. They wanted to do some bad things; were already doing those things to other people; and I tried to escape.

Each time I woke up, I connected with Source and did energy work to make sure that I and the others were set free and safe. I also worked to remove the evil energy that was doing the harm.

But also when I woke up, here in my Ottawa life, there was Nazi energy all around. It was scary. I worried that something bad was going to happen.

In the news today is a story of a Vancouver something bad that indeed happened last night: A home was terrorized.

So things are very difficult right now for those of us who feel the psychic realms.

It happens.

It actually goes through phases: We have times where we are constantly traveling and working at night. This can last up to a month or two. And then we have times when we don’t experience any psychic activity at night; or at least, we don’t remember it.

Know that it’s real. If you feel it–it’s real.

If you feel a presence in your room, there might indeed be something there.

If you need help, I’m happy to work with you. Otherwise, you can ask your soul and Source to keep you safe.

And follow your inner guidance. It’s usually right.

I hope you’re doing well. If you have questions, I’m happy to answer them.

~ Jen

One thought on “Energy update: Working at night

  1. My response to a question on Facebook:

    I don’t “know” for sure why it goes in phases. I “feel,” however, that we work heavily when the veil is thin. Right now, the veil is indeed thinner than it was a couple weeks ago. This gives our human selves more access to the spirit world.

    So, we go to work.

    It’s possible that the rest of our soul is always doing this work, every day.

    I also think that we need the resting phases for the sake of our sanity and self care. If we did this work 365 nights a year, we’d burn out fast. We’d also be severely traumatized.

    Also, it’s hard to work all night long and then spend the day living our human life.

    The world and the Cosmos do need us to do this work. There’s a massive Cosmic-level clean-up effort going on, and we do the work of cleaning up, setting free, and healing.


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