Happy Lion’s Gate Day, everyone.

How are you doing?  And have you felt these energies?

I’ve been feeling them all week, and honestly won’t mind when it’s all over!

On Monday, I woke up feeling like I’d been in a car accident.  My body hurt all over.

The soreness came and went until yesterday (Friday), when it accelerated.  At one point, my left knee was in pain; I don’t have any injury there.  But I was limping and had trouble walking up the stairs.

An hour later, my right shoulder was in pain; surprise—I don’t have any injury there, either.

I kept stretching to try to ensure that the energy flows weren’t blocked.

By the evening, the energies were flowing heavily such that I was so sleepy and unable to hold my head up.  But as I sat there, inside I was chanting the Gayatri Mantra.

This is one way to know that what we’re feeling is positive: No matter what’s happening with the physical body, inside we feel peaceful.

Today, the energies aren’t flowing so heavily, but the “car accident” feeling is still present.

I know that a lot of us have had our pain levels amplified over the past week(s).  Our physical bodies are working hard to deal with everything that’s happening energetically.

Fundamentally, the Lion’s Gate energy is positive.  So if it’s right for us, then we can invite it in and allow it to integrate.

That said, we remember that “when light comes in, dark comes up.”  So, we expect that a corresponding amount of non-light will be pushed to the surface of our world, revealing itself over the coming days and even weeks.

If we are energy workers, then we can proactively clear it.  Otherwise, when it comes up, we at least make sure that we’re not carrying any of it within our own selves.

I hope you are having a positive and uplifting week, expanding the heart and feeling peace.  If you would like some healing, then I have spots open on Monday.

~ Jen

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