Empaths, many of us are feeling like we’re suffocating right now. Many are saying we “can’t breathe.” If you feel this, you’re not alone. empath suffocating


Part of this is the impact of *all* of the fires burning across the planet (including last night at a refugee camp in Greece…).

The people, animals, plants, minerals, and elementals in these regions literally are suffocating and unable to breathe proper breaths.

Gaia herself is having trouble breathing.

Congested Energy Field

As well, there is so much stuff cluttering our collective energy field that we’re suffocating energetically. All of the buried stuff coming to the surface. All of the stuff that has been at the surface for awhile and not cleared away. All of the chaos, movement, storms, emotions, antics, etc.

We can’t move. It’s so overwhelming and it feels like paralysis.

Fiery and Airy Energies

On top of the literal fires, there is heavy fire and air energy impacting us.

First, this is because the fiery planet Mars just went retrograde in its most powerful sign. This hasn’t happened in 32 years, so it’s fairly rare and meaningful.

Second, our Vata energy is high. In Ayurveda, Vata is an airy energy. It is the energy of uncertainty, of anxiety, and of being ungrounded.

The world right now is indeed uncertain and ungrounded. Amplifying this, as my Ayurvedic friend pointed out, is the fact that we’re sending our kids back to school this week. empath suffocating

We’re sending them back after six months of being kept home, knowing that there are risks, and “holding our breath” while we wait to see what happens.

The upcoming elections in the USA are also part of the uncertainty. The USA spreads its influence everywhere it can, so the outcome will affect us all worldwide.


Of course, wearing a mask on our face contributes to a feeling of being unable to breathe, or at least being unable to breathe as properly as without one.

As many of our workplaces and schools continue to re-open–all over the world–the cumulative effects of wearing a mask can be compounding the feeling like we’re suffocating.

Black Lives Matter and Systemic Suffocation

Not being able to breathe is also one reason why the Black Lives Matter movement has grown so strong in the last several months. Black people, as well as other people of color, have been targeted and killed for centuries, most recently by having their breath strangled out of them.

Being unable to breathe is both literal as well as figurative, however: As a noun, “to suffocate” means “to impede or stop the development of” something. Right now, as people are rising up against long-term injustice, there are strong efforts to stop the development of those uprisings, trying to prevent the change that we seek and need. empath suffocating

What To Do

All this to say that we might benefit from self care right now. Mitigate the fiery energy. Bring in warm, grounding, restorative energies. Use the foods, herbs, and practices that help balance Vata. Stay calm and deliberate.

And try to take deep breaths if and when it is safe to do that. Perhaps some gentle pranayama could help to build our lung capacity and circulate life force through our pranic bodies.

Either way, please take care.

If you would like to have a healing, please feel welcome to book one here.

~ Jen

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empath suffocating

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