Disclaimer: The subject of this article is a potentially downward-pulling energy. I outline some of the real causes of harmful thoughts, and do note a valid and proven treatment option. That said, please use discretion when deciding whether to read further.

If you have suicidal thoughts, depression, or any other condition that might be worsened by this article, then please consider reading it at another time, having someone else read it and brief you gently on the contents, or skipping directly to the suggested treatment—which is to have your energy cleared and healed.

Crisis Hotlines and International Resources

Canada Suicide Prevention Service (24/7, English/French, toll free): 1-833-456-4566
First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness (24/7): 1-855-242-3310
Trans LifeLine: 1-877-330-6366
Kids Help Phone (ages 20 and younger): 1-800-668-6868
Full list of resources in Canada: https://thelifelinecanada.ca/help/crisis-centres/canadian-crisis-centres/.

United States
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (English; 24/7): 1-800-273-8255
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Spanish; 24/7): 1-888-628-9454.
Veteran’s Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255
The TREVOR Project for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth: 1-866-488-7386
Youth America Hotline: 1-877-968-8454
Full list of resources in the United States: https://thelifelinecanada.ca/help/crisis-centres/united-states-national-suicide-prevention-hotline/.

International Crisis Centres: https://thelifelinecanada.ca/help/crisis-centres/international-crisis-centres/.


I would like to begin this article with two things: first, a personal story; and second, a recognition that I am broaching a subject that is very serious and delicate.

A Personal Story

To illustrate what I will explain throughout the article, I offer a personal experience.

I absolutely want to live the rest of the life that I came here for. Indeed, I have fought to survive many, many times. But, I also work with “energy”—invisible forces that impact our lives. And so I often find myself subject to the negative aspects of the energy world.

One morning, I woke up and the world around me was miserable. The energy was heavy and dark. I could barely stand up out of bed, and did not particularly care if I did. I felt that my life was utterly hopeless. Thoughts were in my head telling me that I would never find success. They were showing me reams of evidence about how everything I tried to do eventually failed. They were showing me all of the dozens, if not hundreds, of times that I had been knocked to the ground. They were convincing me that even if I struggled to get back up yet again, that the inevitable would happen: I would never succeed and have a happy life on this planet.

The thoughts in my head led me to envision the only valid option I had: Plan B—Departure.

Shortly after I made it through my morning coffee, I realized that, all of a sudden, that bad energy was gone. I was feeling not only better but good.

Minutes later, someone asked me, “Are you feeling any better now?”

This particular person is a Shamanic healer and is who I turn to to clear the energy around me.

My reply: “Did you work on me?”


I told them that I indeed felt better, and thanked them for helping me.

Within a 20-minute period, I went from envisioning my departure to feeling good again. Because I was properly “diagnosed” and received the right treatment.

What was the diagnosis? I was under psychic attack.

Suicide: A Serious Subject

It is no secret that, throughout our world, the rates of suicide are increasing. Many people are reaching the end of their tolerance and deciding to leave this planet. This issue cuts across all lines of division: age; gender; culture; and country of origin.

I recently heard a mental health professional say that “10-year-old children” were talking about committing suicide, as they simply saw it as a viable option for their lives.

I have also encountered people who were fighting, every minute of every day, to stay alive. Every single minute to them was so long and drawn out due to the depths of their suffering. This is often the people who have been formally diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Complex PTSD, but it is not limited to such a diagnosis.

All of this is beyond heartbreaking.

It is especially heartbreaking when I know a perspective of this issue that could help people—meaningfully and quickly. Indeed, “within 20 minutes.” But this particular perspective is not well understood in Western medical practices. And is not very welcome, regardless.

I cannot stay silent any longer. So I hereby join the other voices in the Occult community and explain what is really going on with suicidal thoughts and suicide.

This article unfolds in the following manner:
Crisis Hotlines and International Resources
– A Personal Story
– Suicide: A Serious Subject
What This Article Will Not Cover
“I Want To Die” Versus “I’m Fighting To Stay Alive”
Internal Versus External Sources Of Suicidal Thoughts
– Internal Sources
– External Sources
Special Mention: To Be “Suicided”
For Consideration: Non-Suicidal Self-Injury
For Consideration: A New Label
Treatment: What Will Actually Help?
My Advice
The Bottom Line
Further Resources
Gratitude Donations


Let us begin with the definitions of what we are talking about.

Suicide: The word suicide derives from the Latin words sui and caedere, which translate as “to kill oneself.” In the dictionaries, suicide is explained as: voluntarily and intentionally ending one’s life. Suicide exists on a spectrum, and can be either done impulsively or done after considered planning.

Nevertheless, note the two important aspects of the definition: it is voluntary and it is intentional. These two ideas will be highlighted in the Special Mention section.

Suicidal Thoughts: More common than suicide itself is the fact that many people have thoughts of suicide. Typically, this is called “suicidal ideation”: the act of thinking about, contemplating, or even planning to kill oneself.

In this article, I am going to distinguish between “suicidal thoughts” and “suicidal ideation.” They are very similar but have slightly different nuances.

“Ideation” literally means “the activity of forming ideas in the mind.” Contrast that with “thought”: the action of thinking or the product of thinking. I am making this tiny distinction to illustrate the point that not everything in our mind has been generated by, and inside of, our own mind. Rather, some “thoughts” actually come from outside of us.

Occult: Occult is Latin for the word occultus, which means “hidden, secret, clandestine.” Therefore, Occult practices involve the hidden sides of our world, such as that which we cannot experience with just our five basic senses. Indeed, physicists tell us that most of reality is not visible to us humans. Occultists therefore study, know, and work in the unseen world.

According to the dictionary, “Occult” means, “matters regarded as involving the action or influence of supernatural or supernormal powers or some secret knowledge of them.” I am using this term “Occult” to therefore cover all practices that transcend the basic human senses and engage with the bulk of reality that is unseen.

“Occult” therefore includes, but is not limited to, Psychic Abilities, Shamanism, Mysticism, Witchcraft, and Magic. These practices exist in most, if not all, cultures on Earth, often being a part of regular life and having existed since time began. In the West, however, we are just beginning to catch on.

What This Article Will Not Cover

This article does not claim to provide a complete picture of the roots of suicidal behavior. Indeed, it deliberately does not include considerations that are already well covered in the psychological and psychiatric literature. Notably, this article does not discuss: the chemical factors that underlie some symptoms of suicidal behavior, and which are often treated with medication (one example); and underlying causes of, and contributing factors to, suicidal behavior that exist outside of Occult considerations.

“I Want To Die” Versus “I’m Fighting To Stay Alive”

Having been on the inside of suicidal thoughts, I would like to distinguish two different perspectives.

On the one hand, there are people who very much wish to die. They may have a fatal illness, be in excruciating pain, or feel too weak to continue their life. And so they consciously, voluntarily wish to no longer be alive. Whether they initiate their own transition or not can be due to many factors (such as the fear of death), but the desire is clear: they want to die.

On the other hand are the people who want to stay alive, and are actively fighting to survive each minute, hour, day, and week. These people are not “suicidal.” They simply have a lot of factors working against them. Whether they initiate their transition might come down to the amount and quality of external support that they receive from loved ones and professionals, the existence of an accurate diagnosis and therefore accurate treatment, and, in the end, the limits of their endurance.

Internal Versus External Sources Of Suicidal Thoughts

The uniqueness of the Occult perspective is that it recognizes that “suicidal thoughts” can derive from outside of us. Not all of what is in our mind is actually our own imagery.

What am I talking about? This: We are beings of energy. Our physical bodies are actually comprised of pure energy. The bodies simply appear solid.

What else is just energy? That which we call “thoughts.”

Our world is made up of countless different sources of energy. Thoughts, emotions, words, prayers, wireless Internet signals, electricity, temperature. It’s all energy. And this, too, is important to know: Energy interacts with itself.

The energy of your brain can therefore interact with the energy of my thoughts (if I am projecting my thoughts at you). Whether you are able to perceive it is a matter of how sensitive you are to perceiving subtle energies. Have you ever cultivated that skill—perceiving subtle energy?

The Occult perspective also recognizes some important causes of suicidal thoughts that do come from inside of us, such as the fact that unresolved trauma from our ancestors can be felt by us—right now. Energy gets passed down from one generation to the next, as Occultists have known and as the field of Epigenetics is helping to validate.

So this article acknowledges that suicidal thoughts can come from inside of us as well as outside of us. Why is this important? Because, of course: Right treatment is possible when we have an accurate diagnosis.

Internal Sources

Note: This is not a complete list.

Learned behavior: If we are susceptible to the influence of others, then at some point in our lives we may have learned that “suicide” is a valid option. For example, we may have learned that the response to a difficult situation is to quit. Or as another example, we may have learned (or been taught) to be weak and powerless. Needless to say, suicidal behavior may not in fact be innate, but rather we picked it up from the world around us.

Programming: Programming, in the Occult world, is an interesting concept. Often it means that we have been programmed; per the dictionary, programming means “to provide coded instructions for the automatic performance of a task.” Brainwashing and, to a lesser extent propaganda, are two methods of “programming” someone to think or act in a certain manner. As said above, suicidal behavior may not in fact be innate, but rather we picked it up from the world around us. Cults are one commonly known source of programming. If this is the source of our suicidal thoughts, then we would need to be deprogrammed.

Unhealed wounds / unresolved trauma: Any wounding, trauma, or emotional baggage that has not been resolved is like an energetic weight that pulls us downward. Almost always, this weight came with us when we were born; meaning that it started in a past life. When I connect with clients’ souls, some of the weight that we find is billions (yes, with a b) of years old. Regardless of when it started, if a wound has not been resolved and healed, and therefore removed from the soul, then it will make itself known to us. It can therefore manifest as present-day suicidal behavior.

Ancestral issues: We carry within our bodies the DNA of our ancestors, from both sides of the family. If any of our ancestors did not deal with their own baggage while alive, then the energy of that often gets passed down through the lineage. At some point, that energy will make itself known, because it wants to be healed. And so, we may find ourselves embroiled in an issue that is generations old…but that we are required to heal if we ourselves want to be free of it. Ancestral issues are surfacing increasingly now. It is common for people to be faced with the wounds that have been long embedded in their lineage.

Dark energy in the soul: While our human body is only decades old, our souls are much older. As souls, we have often reincarnated repeatedly. In some of those incarnations, we may have been “Dark”—unloving, controlling, aggressive, hateful, etc. Indeed, it is true that many of us have experienced lifetimes as “Light” (loving, free, compassionate) and others as “Dark.” If our Dark lifetimes involved either killing ourselves or—the converse—killing others, then that energy may rise to the surface of this lifetime. It usually does this because, as mentioned above, it wants to be healed and laid to rest. (Healing our Dark aspects is sometimes called healing our “shadow side,” but I use the term differently.)

Soul lessons: As difficult as it is to consider, in some cases the soul has chosen to have the experience of suicidal thoughts. We do come into these lives for the sake of having experiences and evolving.

External Sources

Note: This is not a complete list.

Psychic attacks: The number one external source of “suicidal thoughts” and “suicidal behavior” is psychic attacks. Let’s define that before going further.

Psychic attacks are:

– aggressive action

– taken against a person/group, place, or thing

– and originating in the non-physical planes.

The non-physical planes are the battleground of the Occult world, and involve supernatural forces, spirits, Dark energies, and negative energy.

Psychic attacks are generated by a wide range of sources, ranging in severity from extreme to minor. Here are some of the main generators of psychic attacks:

– Black Magic: Used commonly in cultures throughout the world, Black Magic generally involves the invocation of malicious spirits or energies, for the purpose of causing deliberate harm to a target. Common practices include curses, spells, illnesses (including fatal), the casting of illusions, and hauntings.

– Dark Occult: Separate from the specific category of Black Magic is the general category of Dark Occult practices. These are similar to the Magic, but involve the widest possible range of spirits, energies, and effects, to include that which is not Earthly at all.

– Ill wishes sent to another person: Our thoughts and desires are energy, and if we intentionally send that energy to a person or place, then that energy indeed moves. Therefore, to directly wish ill upon another person is to attack them psychically. An ill wish will be as strong as the psychic powers of the sender: Someone who has training in mysticism (from this or a past life) or has a large and powerful energy field tends to generate a stronger attack than a beginner.

– Negative thoughts: Negative thoughts work in a similar manner as do ill wishes, with an exception that thoughts are not “sent” deliberately. That simply means the impact is not necessarily as strong, but it does involve a transfer of negative energy to the target of the negativity. Anyone sensitive to feeling subtle energies, or who is already overloaded with negativity, will be able to notice the “attack.”

Let’s further categorize psychic attacks to better understand them:

– Attacks can be directed at a specific target (a person of interest), or they can be blanket attacks—sent out through the collective energy field and able to affect anyone who has a weakness to that particular attack.

– Attacks can also be deliberate (sent with intent to harm) or not deliberate. A “not deliberate” attack is, for example, the product of someone thinking negatively about another person but not actually doing so for the sake of causing harm. On this idea, Michael Harner, founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, has written that a Shaman so clearly understands that thoughts are energy that the Shaman will refrain from thinking negatively about people because to do so would be to psychically attack them. (Source.)

– Lastly and very importantly, since psychic attacks are made of energy, they can come from either a human or a piece of technology. Just as machinery has been developed to emit frequencies that are healing (e.g., Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, TENS machines), so too has machinery been developed to emit frequencies that are (deliberately) harmful. Energy has been weaponized. The machinery that has been admitted publicly is, for example, Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), and sonic weapons (also called acoustic weapons).

Treatment Protocol: Anyone whose “suicidal thoughts” derive from psychic attack should receive an “energy clearing” from a qualified Occultist. The results, as I stated in my personal story at the start of this article, are often felt in minutes.

Entities: An entity is a small, conscious being that exists in our Earthly plane but does not have a human body, and so it is purely energy. Entities, in the way that I am discussing them here, are unwanted: They are negative, malicious, or somehow harmful to us.

The planet is covered in entities. It is easy to get one attached to us. In fact, we often have numerous entities attached to us—and do not even know it.

Entities like to feed off of our energy. They will stick to us wherever we have something that they resonate with—anger, greed, sadness, depression, anxiety, etc. They will stick to us and keep feeding off of our negative energy for as long as we allow it. Often we do not know that we have an entity until we do something that would jeopardize the entity’s happiness. That is, if we take steps to raise our vibration out of negativity and into positivity, then the entity will rebel somehow and cause us to change our plans and stay in the negativity.

Entities not only influence us, but they can also change our behavior. They are negative and stuck to our energy fields, and we can take on their personalities and thoughts. Yes, they can cause us to have “suicidal thoughts.” Why not? When we are miserable, the entities are happy. They feed off of that misery, and so they wish to cultivate more of it.

Disembodied souls: A disembodied soul is a person whose body has died but whose soul has not made it to their next rightful destination; instead, for some reason they got stuck on the Earth plane. And so they are hanging around. Disembodied souls have all the personality that they did when they were alive. They find and stick to us in the same way that entities do: If we have any energy that they can resonate with, and they find us attractive, then they will stick to us. And the same as with entities, we can be affected by the personality of the disembodied soul. Their fears transfer to us. Their anger transfers to us. Their anxiety transfers to us. And their “suicidal” impulses transfer to us.

Dark energy: Separate from entities and souls is a huge category of energy that is Dark and not in human form. I will not go into detail here because it is a bit more far out than this article needs to be. Nevertheless, I explain some of it on my page for anyone seeking advanced-level support.

Special Mention: To Be “Suicided”

Occultists work in the world of energy, and in that world, “energy” is the ultimate currency. A human soul is a body of energy. Once the soul is detached from its human body, it can be easy to capture that soul; and then to make use of it. For this reason and others, the Dark Occultists will often cause a person to transition themself, and then harvest the soul.

The act of “causing a person to transition themself” happens for other reasons, as well. Mainly, it happens simply to take a player off the game board. If a person is a threat, particularly to ones who practice Dark Occultism, then they will likely find themselves targeted with psychic warfare, and “strongly encouraged” to end their lives.

So common is this practice of murder/assassination by (apparent) suicide that it even has a name: “suicided.”

Offhand, I can think of half a dozen people who have been suicided in recent years. All of them were minor celebrities, powerhouses in their industry, or speaking out about certain types of injustice done by public figures.

(I can also, thankfully, think of a number of people who survived these attempts.)

For Consideration: Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

Whilst being attacked by Dark Occultists one day, I remember reading something helpful. It was a passage in Neale Donald Walsch’s tome, “Conversations with God.” If you are unfamiliar with this book, it is an apparent conversation that Neale had over time with God, and is essentially a transcript of that conversation.

In this particular passage, Neale asks God about suicide—is it wrong to do it? Here’s what “God” responded:

“[O]n the question of ending one’s life, it is the current imagining of the majority of people on your planet that it is ‘not okay’ to do that.

“You have come to this conclusion, presumably, because the ending of the life occurs relatively quickly. Actions which end a life over a somewhat longer period of time are not against the law, even though they achieve the same result.

“Thus, if a person in your society kills himself with a gun, his family members lose insurance benefits. If he does so with cigarettes, they do not.

“If a doctor assists you in your suicide, it is called manslaughter, while if a tobacco company does, it is called commerce.

“With you, it seems to be merely a question of time. The legality of self-destruction—the ‘rightness’ or ‘wrongness’ of it—seems to have much to do with how quickly the deed is done, as well as who is doing it. The faster the death, the more “wrong” it seems to be. The slower the death, the more it slips into ‘okayness.’

“So you poison your system by inhaling carcinogens, you poison your system by eating food treated with chemicals that over the long run kill you, and you poison your system by breathing air which you have continually polluted. You poison your system in a hundred different ways over a thousand different moments, and you do this knowing these substances are no good for you. But because it takes a longer time for them to kill you, you commit suicide with impunity.

“If you poison yourself with something that works faster, you are said to have done something against moral law.” (Source.)

This tracks well with what the psychiatric community calls “non-suicidal self-injury”: “Non-suicidal self-injury is defined as self-harm without the intention of suicide. [This] condition is regarded as…a public health issue.” (Source.)

Why do I include non-suicidal self-injury in this article? For this simple but necessary reason: To cut through the bullshit stigma about people who are supposedly “suicidal.”

If you are living an unhealthy life, eating garbage and calling it “food,” avoiding dealing with your emotional baggage, and engaging in a self-defeating and self-sabotaging lifestyle, then you are suicidal. You are slowly killing yourself and caring not.

Someone who is fighting to survive is in a different category than that, and deserves support and celebration. Not judgment.

For Consideration: A New Label

On the subject of stigma, the word suicide carries with it so much baggage. Not only that, but it somewhat fails to recognize that sometimes, we just want to leave. That is not necessarily a bad thing: Our souls live on for billions of years once we leave these human lifetimes. We come here for only a short period of time. There is no death. Therefore, we do not “die.” Merely, as the teachings tell us, we simply transition. We transition to a different plane of existence, and eventually to a new life.

To me, the subject of this article is about transitions that are not natural (due to age or illness or accident) but self-initiated.

I therefore prefer to use this term: self-initiated transition.

Treatment: What Will Actually Help? suicidal thoughts

The absolute top priority is awareness. If we continue to preach the benefits of “diet and exercise” in a world that is being psychically attacked and plagued by Occult-level issues then we are going to lose a lot more people.

The second priority is what we call “energy clearing”: When a qualified Occultist removes any negative energies that are on or affecting the client.

The third priority is “energy healing”: When a qualified Occultist heals you at the level of your soul. When we are unhealed, then all of those wounds are doorways for darkness—be it valid mental illnesses or psychic predators.

Next, we as a “mental health” community need to launch a new era of health and wellness practitioners—ones who understand the true depth of the problems we face, and can treat it accordingly.

Finally, we all need to start living our lives from this level. Living in harmony with the depth and breadth of the invisible world is where we are headed as a planet. The sooner that we can make that leap—from “the only thing that’s real is what I can experience with my physical senses” to “all matter is energy, including me”—the sooner we can be free of what weighs us down.

My Advice suicidal thoughts

If you are feeling suicidal thoughts, please consider the Occult perspective as a legitimate diagnosis and find someone who is qualified to help you. Please note that every Occultist is merely a human; see past their paper-based credentials to determine whether they a) admit that this perspective is real, b) understand it, c) are capable of working with Dark energies (not all healers can engage successfully with the Dark), and d) feel that they are the right person to help you at this moment.

If you know someone who is having suicidal thoughts, please consider the Occult perspective as a legitimate diagnosis, continue to inform yourself, and share this knowledge with your loved one who needs it. It is real. Your disbelief does not change that fact.

The Bottom Line

You know what is true and right for you.

Further Resources suicidal thoughts

I offer services, products, and information to assist with the clearing and healing process.

Energy Clearing and Energy Healing appointments can be booked here. Free consultations can be booked here. (All work is done over the phone and available worldwide.)

If you would like Energy Clearing and Energy Healing but do not wish to have an appointment, then purchase this service. Simply tell me what you would like help with, and I will do the work within 72 hours. I will then write you an email to outline what happened during the energy work. This option works well when we are too fragile to talk.

My top tips related to psychic attacks and how to protect your energy are in this 1-hour audio course. The audio also includes a distant energy clearing meditation, which you can do on your own, to remove a range of threats and boost your personal security.

Read about Energetic Security (psychic security).
Read about Trauma and PTSD.
Read about Energy Healing.

Gratitude Donations

I would appreciate a donation of thanks. I had originally intended to make this article paid, but the seriousness of the subject was wrong to put behind a paywall. Say thanks with even a small amount.

I wish you the support that you and your loved ones need.


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