It’s “World Mental Health Day” today. People are talking therefore about “mental health.” Consequently, parts of those discussions include mental illness. Depression. Anxiety. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Etcetera.

Some people are engaging in the discussions enthusiastically.

Others are feeling like they’ve been screened out: “Well, I don’t have ‘depression.'”

But what human can really, truly be screened out of a discussion about health?

I, myself, don’t think we need to be “diagnosed” with anything, or labeled in any way, in order to want to feel better.

I think we just need to want to feel better. Or to wonder if maybe we can indeed feel even better than we already do.

For me, when I began to heal myself, I never felt bad in any way.

I simply had tried some things and noticed that, after I was done, I felt better than prior to trying them.

And I liked how that felt. So I wanted more of it.

I think that “mental health” and health writ large is as simple as that: Trying something new, and continuing to do it if we like the experience.

There doesn’t need to be a label. There doesn’t need to be any reason other than, “Hey, I’d like to try this. It intrigues me.”

~ Jen

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