NPR (National Public Radio) just released an article talking about what the pandemic has been doing to us–physically. As you can see from the title, we’re not sleeping, we’re losing our hair, and we’re cracking our teeth. I’ve actually seen references to the teeth issues being called a “pandemic” by dentists–that’s how many people are injuring their teeth.

The full article is here. But below are some snippets from it, as well as some solutions–from me, being a holistic healer.

Body in Unsafe Mode

As NPR writes, “When the body feels unsafe — whether it’s a physical threat of attack or a psychological fear of losing a job or catching a disease — the brain signals adrenal glands to pump stress hormones.

“Adrenaline and cortisol flood the body, activating the fight-or-flight response.

“They also disrupt bodily functions that aren’t necessary for immediate survival, such as digestion and reproduction.”

This pandemic has caused our stress hormones to surge.

In their own ways, this surge has caused the hair fall, the bad teeth, and the tummy problems.

We’ve been in “unsafe” mode for 7-8 months.


Some Solutions

So, here are some solutions to some of the problems mentioned in the NPR article:

Stress-related hair loss?
Try Bhringraj.

Female reproductive health?
Try Shatavari.

Stress-related weight gain?
Try Rhodiola.

Stress overall?
Try an adaptogen (for example, Ashwagandha).

Teeth grinding?
Do a liver cleanse.

Digestive upset?
Take a probiotic.


Of course, Energy Healing can also help. I’d be happy to chat with you in a free consult. These can be booked here.

If we’ve already worked together before, then appointments can be booked here. They start at $35. It will be nice to speak with you again.

All of my work is done over the phone, using remote healing methods.

~ Jen


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