One thing I’ve worked with quite a bit in energy healing appointments is motherhood. I haven’t written about it because I never felt qualified to write about it–simply because I myself am not a mom. energy healing kids reiki fertility motherhood spiritual

For my personal standards, that makes me feel less-than-qualified. It’s hard to relate to something you’ve never experienced.

But from an energy healing perspective, I admittedly do have the qualifications: Everything is made of energy. I have the ability to manipulate energy. Therefore I can manipulate—for the sake of healing—issues related to motherhood.

So with that said, here’s what we ladies have been working on.


What Can Energy Healing Help With?


From the soul’s perspective, there can be many different reasons why we are not getting pregnant. Past-life trauma around motherhood—such as having our baby taken away from us, having to leave our baby behind, or feeling like we weren’t as good of a mother as we wanted to be—can be some reasons why our body might unconsciously resist becoming a mom again. Energy healing can help to relieve those biases and wounds. As well, it can help to rebalance our energies, reboot our reproductive systems, and give a boost of vitality to the rest of the body. If there are any current-life fears, anxieties, or emotions getting in the way, then these can be assisted as well.

energy healing kids children reiki kids children energy healing fertility reiki fertility energy healing motherhood


Growing another body inside of your own has a huge impact on your body. Energy healing can help to soften that impact, release tensions and pains, help you sleep, keep your energies in balance, and relieve any emotions that come up, as examples.

Miscarriage and Abortion

These events are traumatic and that trauma can still live inside our bodies long after the event has passed.  The process of energy healing can bring peace to your womb, your heart, and your soul.  We can also bring peace to the unborn soul, helping it in a variety of ways.  And indeed, sometimes that soul was never meant to be birthed; it just came to you because it needed a bit of help, and knew that you would be able to provide that.
reiki for moms spiritual motherhood spiritual moms

Working with the soul of the unborn baby

This includes healing baby’s karmas before they come fully into their new body. It also includes healing issues between the baby’s soul and the mom’s soul. Here, it is neat to see that, often, these two souls have known each other before. And they’re together again in this life.


Postpartum issues

This includes emotions left over from the birthing process, such as guilt or shame, especially if the birth didn’t go the way mom had intended for it to go. It also includes the residue—or “muscle memory”—of pains that the mom’s physical body experienced.


Baby not sleeping

Descending from the spirit world into the fleshy confines of a human body is a significant adjustment. Many of us actually resist coming into that body. As a spirit, we are free to move and float and behave in certain ways. Then suddenly we’re locked into a body—and one that we can’t even control for many months. We can’t lift our head, get up and move around, feed ourselves when we’re hungry, or even communicate our needs to the people who are caring for us. Can you imagine how that feels?

As well, if we have any type of past-life trauma related to being confined, being abandoned (which gets triggered when baby cries and the parents don’t respond, or don’t respond fast enough or well enough according to the baby), being alone, or being held against our will, then all of that has the potential to be a reason why your baby doesn’t sleep, cries, or “is fussy.”

When we tune in to their soul, we may find the relevant past life, see that they are indeed getting re-triggered, and then bring healing to that old situation, thus relieving baby of the need to feel upset.

energy healing kids children reiki kids children energy healing fertility reiki fertility energy healing motherhood

Early childhood issues

The most common thing I’ve been asked to work with so far is nightmares and “invisible friends” who are not friendly. It is important for us adults to know that children naturally sense the spirit world. We did, too, when we were young. We may have forgotten that, though.

So it does happen that a nightmare is not just a nightmare. A nightmare can actually be an evil spirit haunting your child, karma from a past life following your baby into this one, or a replaying and reliving of past-life trauma.

I have been called in multiple times to remove bad spirits who were trying to harm a child. One went so far as to try to convince the child to commit suicide. Therefore, the effects have very real consequences.

There is also a heightened incidence of anxieties and a wide range of sensitivities present with our children today. These can all be lessened with energy healing, if in the healing we seek to find the root cause of the anxiety, sensitivity, or issue that has come up.

reiki for moms spiritual motherhood spiritual moms


Consent and Babies
I only work with direct consent from the person or soul being worked on. This means that I can’t technically heal a baby, if that baby has not said “yes” to receiving energy healing.

But the baby and the mother are so interconnected that what we can do is work on the mother. This has the effect of helping the baby. When we work on mom, and it’s an issue between her and baby, then of course baby is even more directly affected.

So, ethically, I can’t heal the baby, but we can provide a lot of help just by working on things connected to and around the baby. The more that a parent or caregiver heals themselves, the better energetic environment the child will have to grow up in.

spiritual motherhood spiritual moms

Consent and Children
Since children do have the authority to say yes or no, and do also have the consciousness and intelligence to understand what is good and right for them, I will ask them directly if I have their permission to manipulate their energy body.

Usually, it’s the parent who does the asking. But I nonetheless require the child’s consent.

The way we explain “energy healing” to a child is simply to explain it in a way that they will understand. This will change depending on their age, their level of cognition, and their personal communication style.

For example, we can simply explain it as being “like a doctor who helps you feel better but without any needles.” Or, “she will make the bad spirit go away.” As long as we fully inform the child and ask for their permission, recognizing that they have sovereignty over their bodies.

reiki for moms spiritual motherhood spiritual moms

No Consent
If an unborn soul or a living child says no to receiving energy healing from me, then that must be respected.

In this case, there are several things we can still do to make help available.

First is to do healing for the parents, caregivers, siblings, relatives, and anyone who has a connection to that little soul. The healthier that the community is, the more space there will be for the baby to spread out their own energy field and feel better.

Indeed, one of the best ways to help your children? Get help for yourself.

I will even make sure that the problem does lie with the child and not with the parent. Often, our kids feel our bad energies and that’s what they’re reacting to. Treating the problem—whomever it belongs to—is the point.


I coach her, guide her in what she might want to do, provide pure healing energy for her to use, and, most importantly, invite her to remember what her soul already knows how to do.


Teaching Mom to heal her kids

A second way to help the little soul, though, is to teach the mother’s soul how to do healing. I do this in two ways:

When I tune in, sometimes I hold space while we watch the mother’s soul approach her baby’s soul and facilitate healing. Here, I coach her, guide her in what she might want to do, provide pure healing energy for her to use, and, most importantly, invite her to remember what her soul already knows how to do.

As well, I teach mothers during our appointments and during my course in how to do remote healing. With these efforts, I have received heart-warming feedback from moms who have tuned into their child’s energy, healed the root cause of their challenge, and brought peace to their child’s soul. What can be better than that?

energy healing kids children reiki kids children energy healing fertility reiki fertility energy healing motherhood

The Bottom Line

As I mentioned above, everything in the world is made of energy, and a good energy healer has been trained to manipulate that energy for the sake of bringing you and your child healing.

If there is anything that I can do to assist you, your unborn child, or your incarnated child, I would be happy to do so.

You can schedule a free consultation to chat about your needs, or proceed to booking an appointment. Information about these options is here.

~ Jen


Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and do not dispense medical advice. Please visit your physician for considerations related to fertility, pregnancy, children’s health, and motherhood.

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