A “country” is made, very simply, of people.

The quality of the country therefore is a reflection of the quality of the individual people.

Each person needs to be healthy, healed, whole, and fulfilled–living in alignment with who they are and who they want to be.

At this moment, we are very far from that.

Each individual person has work to do on themselves; as they do so, they strengthen the whole.

The “Government of Canada” has the financial resources to ensure that every person living within the manmade borders of “Canada” receives the time, space, and help they need in order to become healed.

That same “government” generally chooses to spend those resources elsewhere.

But enough with the bullshit: Change has already begun.

The people who comprise the “government” need to either step up and do the right thing, or step down out of the way, thus allowing a qualified person to do the job.

To get the job done, Canada needs a National Healing Advisor.

We need one person with a mandate to ensure that every person in “Canada” gets healed, in every meaning of that word.

This person needs the authority to get the job done, the budget to get the job done, and the sovereignty to do the job bullshit- and bureaucracy-free.

I have said this for years and I will keep saying it until it is our reality.

~ Jen

For those of you who don’t know me, here’s my CV.

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