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Happy August! How are you doing?

Have you been able to rest and take some time for yourself? I hope that has been possible for you.

Energy Update: I’d like to start this newsletter with an energy update–what the month may feel like for you, and what’s happening in the higher realms that you may want to know about:

August 2021 feels like it will allow us some space to breathe, but with a bit of a bumpy ride. As you may know, August 8 every year brings the event known as the Lion’s Gate: It’s a celestial alignment between Earth and the star Sirius.

Just as happens with our cell phones, that line-of-sight alignment enables energy to flow from one planet to the other; in this case, from Sirius to us here on Earth.

Since the energy associated with Sirius is believed to be positive, spiritual energy, we benefit from it. And because it happens in the astrological sign of Leo, it’s known as the gateway of the lion, or Lion’s Gate.

This event isn’t a day long, though; rather, it happens over a couple of weeks. It gently leads up to August 8, and then gently pulls away from that date. And so, you may begin feeling this energy now. It can be intense and life-changing (hence the bumpy ride); but that happens for positive reasons.

Last year, for example, the gate’s energy was the final push that we needed to tip the scales of power here on Earth. You can read about that here.

Working with the planet’s energy as I do, I know that a huge amount of work has been happening behind the scenes. You may know that I do Global Energy Clearings with a small group of people. In these meditations, we connect with the energy of Earth and facilitate massive energy clearings: removing all manner of negative energy and dark beings. In doing so, there is greater space for the light to anchor and spread out, less congestion down here. Think of it as taking out the garbage each week: Why leave it laying around the house? Now you have more room for the healthy stuff.

While the Global Energy Clearings are no longer open to the public, a small group of committed souls still gathers: We meet on a weekly basis, tune in, and do some decently heavy lifting for not just Earth but the entire Cosmos and beyond (weirdly, there is indeed a “beyond”).

In that work, we are altering the energetic architecture of the planet. And we have made some huge progress against the dark, the evil, and the dark that is just simply wounded beings who have gone untreated for a very long time. We have also helped to hand the power over to those who rightly deserve it. I have, for example, seen Indigenous souls come back to the planet, taking up the reins of governance that is theirs to have. These things warm my heart so much.

Most recently, I have also seen entirely new beings come to this part of the universe to provide overwatch. These were huge, bigger-than-planet-sized beings who calmly but competently took their place near Earth, essentially telling me, “We’ve got this.”

Also, new workers came in; dozens of large, competent, totally-ready-for-duty beings arrived and surrounded the Earth in the spiritual realms. It is their turn now to do some heavy lifting. This brings much-needed relief to the many workers and warriors who have done battle for years, even decades.

So all of this gives me hope. And the Lion’s Gate energy may be what brings some of the background-level developments further into our physical reality. (Remember: Everything begins first in the energy world. The physical world is the final level of manifestation. So the changes that we facilitate in spiritual realms take time to filter down to our lives.)

We’re already seeing many shifts in our reality. Here is just a small sample: The Black Lives Matter movement–centuries old–finally was able to break through the veils placed on our consciousness to make others understand that yes, there really is a racism problem, and it is everywhere. The Indigenous peoples finally were able to make their own voices heard, piercing that same veil so that the genocide and torture is now rising to the surface of people’s awareness increasingly.

(These veils are energetic in nature; they are the equivalent of a spell that is cast on someone, which prevents that person from seeing clearly. This is what prevented voices from being heard, and the abuse to continue.)

On smaller scales, we’re seeing sports teams declare an end to sexualization in their sport; the German and Norwegian women’s Olympics teams are prominent examples. Even the shows we watch on television have begun realizing that the world doesn’t need more violence in their consciousness; rather, shows are beginning to invoke humanity, sensitivity, and compassion (if you can watch Ted Lasso on Apple TV, it is absolutely adorable).

Examples are everywhere. On their own, they may seem isolated and small. But taken together, they represent the shift that we knew was coming, and which is very welcome.

Yes, there’s still corruption (so much!). Yes, the changes needed to end systemic racism have not really been implemented. Yes, we are literally digging up children’s graves while our political leaders utter yet-more empty words. Yes, we’re still dying and suffering at the hands of ineptitude, greed, and just plain evil. I know that. And yes, this summer in particular, we’re watching our Mother burn.

None of what I said above makes any of that less true.

But please know that there is reason to hope. Please know that there are souls–humans and spirits–who really are working on the front lines to win this battle against the darkness and shift this planet into the light . You know at least one of them.

So here’s what you need to do: Live your authentic life. Decide what you truly want from life and take the steps to move in that direction. This isn’t just an empty platitude: It’s what the Universe needs you to do because the Universe itself is headed in that direction. And so the Universe is supporting you in doing it.

We are digging ourselves out of a deep, mucky hole, and stepping into beautiful fields of peace, happiness, and fulfillment. That’s the new world.

It’s not instantaneous, obviously. The process is quick for some people, but long and slow for others. And it’s not easy; nothing about it is often easy. It can even be filled with trauma and hardship. But the process happens at the pace and in the manner that is right for you. So wherever you are, however fast you’re going, whatever’s going on, know that you are doing well.

We’re not here to live the supposedly “normal” life as it was defined by North American governments. You know, 9-5/Monday-Friday jobs; anchored by debt from our college degree; living in a house with that picket fence; with a spouse, 2.5 kids, a week or two of “vacation” every year, and working towards retiring to some compound in Florida. We’re not here for that.

You came here to be YOU.

You came here to live in a tiny home, or a mobile home, or a cabin in the woods. You came here to work contract jobs, to travel the world and earn income from your blog, or to not work at all. You came here to have no children, to devote your life to bringing forth that one soul who is here for big things, or to foster dozens of worthy kids. You came here to live your own soul’s purpose, and that is unique for all of us.

So as the world changes around us, it needs to change inside of us. We need to sit with ourselves and ask our heart what to do. We need to hear our soul whisper its guidance. And then we need to act on that.

That is the way forward, and it’s the easiest way forward. As the waters of life become even more turbulent, we have to stop swimming upstream. Let the current of your soul take you where you need to go. It will help you avoid the rocks.

If I can help you with that, too, then I would be happy to. Here are all of my healing and mentoring Services, and here are my courses.

In the meantime, you’re welcome to use the Lion’s Gate energy deliberately. (You’re also welcome to tap into the progress we’ve been making in the higher realms, which transcends the August 8 event.) Just sit quietly, connect with your heart, and tell your soul that you’re willing to allow its involvement in your life. Ask it to please, if doing so is right, use the Lion’s Gate to your highest advantage.

With all that said, I wish you your highest potential during this gateway and always.

Accelerated CYPHA: I invite you to join me next month in the Accelerated version of my Cultivate Your Psychic and Healing Abilities course. We’re doing the whole course from September 4 to November 27; every other Saturday on Zoom (11am to 1pm EST).

This course is open by application only; the application is here.

Full details of the course and curriculum are here.

We’ll be hitting the ground running in this course, so a prior foundation is necessary. The regular version of this course is a much kinder pace–with classes once a month. I’ll open a new session of that later this year or early next. If you’re interested, let me know.

Kids and Imaginary Friends: It’s true that children have friends who are purely imaginary. But children are also visited by spirits. And some of those spirits are bad and harmful.

In this article (or watch this video), I explain how to tell the difference between an imaginary friend and a spirit friend, how to determine if the spirit friend is good or bad, and what to do if it’s indeed a bad spirit.

I also explain that “nightmares” can actually be genuine visits to nightmarish spiritual realms, and that “scary monsters” can actually be, again, bad spirits hanging around your child.

New Blog Articles: Several new articles are on my blog.

Summer Hours: I’m taking some time for myself this month. I’ll be closed for appointments the week of August 15-21, and every Saturday (August only). My online shop and booking system is still open 24/7, so keep purchasing appointments and crystals; I’ll just be closed on the days I mentioned.

Group Healing: The next Monthly Healing Call is Wednesday, August 4. This occurs from 7-8pm EST, online. If you’d like to do meditation, receive energy healing, and ask me a question in a private group setting, then join here.

I wish you an authentic month!

If I can assist you this month with healing, coaching, or guidance, then I would be honored to do so.

~ Jen Wozny
BA, MSc, Founder

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Tuesday, August 3: Review call for the healing course. Overview: Reviewing the Class 6 homework and course overall. Online. 7-8pm EST.

Wednesday, August 4: Monthly Healing Call. Features guided meditation, connection to and messages from your Higher Self, distant energy healing, and guidance during a Q&A period. 7-8pm EST. Online.

Saturday, September 4: Class 1 of the Accelerated Course to Cultivate Your Psychic & Healing Abilities. Register by application. Full details here. 11am-1pm EST. Zoom.

Every Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: Soul-level energy healing and life coaching appointments, by phone/Skype. Choose from 90, 60, and 30 minutes. Or, book a free consultation.

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Celestial Influences: August 2021
8: New Moon
20: Uranus turns Retrograde
22: Full Moon


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