It’s the end of an era.

I sold my car today.

It was eight years ago when I bought Shiva. That’s when Spirit told me, “Sell everything. Buy a car. And drive.”

Which I did. And if you know my story, then you know that I drove for four years.

This car carried me through everything: the few highs, the myriad hells, and the total numbness of a Shamanic Awakening.

Sometimes, it was the only real home that I had.

I remember crossing the border from Colorado into New Mexico. I was just down the road from Taos. And something about the energy of New Mexico caused me to break down sobbing, spontaneously.

I pulled Shiva off to the side of the road and cried for a long time.

Eventually we drove again.

And when my living situation wasn’t good, or when I just felt completely lost in the world, I would get in my car, drive somewhere quiet, and park. I’d sit there for as long as it took to feel better.

Shiva was my only constant, and the only one that knew what I was going through.

But now it’s 2021, I’ve been parked for four years, and I feel better.

It was time to let my Shiva go. I woke up yesterday knowing that, and today it’s already over.

When the Universe wants something to happen, it paves the way.

I’m grateful to the Universe for giving me such a perfect car. It took very good care of me.

I hope whoever gets it next appreciates the spirit of this special car.

And I give a big thank you to the fellows at Campbell Ford in Ottawa for bringing me full circle.

If you’d like to read the story of my road trip, see “25,000 Miles to Me: Faith, Endurance, and Uncovering My True Self.”

If you’re doing your own spiritual journey, I’d be honored to help. Make an appointment here.

~ Jen


spiritual journey, awakening journey, road trip, spiritual road trip
This is essentially the route that I drove over the course of four years. I crossed the border several times.

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