“How can I fit self-care into my life, when my life is so overwhelming already?” someone asked me.

My response: Take one thing that you already do, slow it down for 10-30 seconds, and use those seconds to just enjoy what you’re doing.

  – Shampoo your hair and take 10 seconds to give your scalp a mini-massage.

  – Before starting your car, sit there quietly and feel love in your heart.

  – After you turn out the light at bedtime, spend 10 seconds acknowledging something good that happened that day.

Over time, perhaps extend the 10 seconds to 15, then 20, then even longer; but start with what you can do easily.

Few of us need *more* things to do. Most of us need *fewer* things to do.

So build self-care into your already-busy schedule by simply slowing down a task that you do every day and taking those few short moments to just enjoy it.

Add the light of healing to your self care, with an appointment. Book here.

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