Solstice is on Tuesday, December 21, and the energies are already making me think of the awakening/ascension journey.

A big part of “ascension” (going higher) involves shedding low-vibrational, dense energy inside your energy body, and then welcoming in high-vibrational, refined energy.

But integrating high-vibe energy into your body is really uncomfortable at times.


solstice ascension, solstice awakening, awakening help, awakening healer,
Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, Arizona, just before Winter Solstice in 2013. (Photo credit: Jen Wozny)


There were periods for me when I felt like I was in a microwave all day long, for days on end. There were shooting pains that started suddenly and then ended spontaneously, never to return.

And there were days where things were just plain weird. I knew without a doubt some days that I was being upgraded. I had no idea what those upgrades were; I still don’t (how weird is that?).

And then it all kind of ended, after a period of maybe five years.

The main part of the process does indeed end. We’ll continuously evolve through our lives, though. But not in that intense, oh-my-gosh-what’s-happening-to-me way of the ascension process.

Helping people through their own process is one of my services. If you’d ever like some guidance, clearing, healing, or help with the integration process, I’m here for you. (Appointments are here.)

~ Jen

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