Happy Equinox, and Happy SPRING!

March Equinox brings strong energies every year. It starts at least a week in advance. And this year has been no exception.

We’ve had strong energies of both kinds: light and dark.

The light has brought us positive shifts in our lives, wonderful opportunities, and deeper levels of peace and happiness.

But it’s the darker energies that have been most noticeable.

The past week has been filled with nightmares, bad dreams, dark presences in our rooms at night, and close calls with danger when we’re out in the world. You may even have experienced what you felt was bad luck.

There’s truly a lot of bad stuff floating around right now; it’s both spiritual as well as manmade. If you don’t feel it, then that’s great. But if you do, then know that you’re not alone.

Sometimes, it’s good to just keep our heads down and out of the way until this stuff passes. If you feel like staying home or playing it safe, then honour that.

But also know that it’s temporary. It’s an annual thing and the energies eventually calm down.

An energy clearing could help, though, as this stuff can stick to us. Feel welcome to book one here: https://putthelighthere.com/services/appointments/. Appointments are conveniently virtual.

And whatever you’re feeling, I hope the Pure Light is all around you.

~ Jen

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