Happy April! How are you doing?

I ask that every month, but I really want to know: How are you doing?

We’ve been through a lot in the last two years. We’ve been through unimaginable hardships, losses, struggles, pain, and injustice. I care about you and I want to be here for you.

I try to support you through these emails each month; my goal is to share advice and tips that can be meaningful to you. I so appreciate that you allow me into your inbox. I hope these emails do bring some light into your life. But if I can do more, then please let me know. We are better together, and stronger when we can lean on each other.


Spring Cleansing: One bit of self care that we can do right now is to clean out our bodies. The energy of spring naturally brings things to the surface. During the winter, energies turned inward, and we hibernated, went a little bit dormant in our bodies. But now that spring is here, all of that energy is starting to flow again, and push its way out of our depths and to the surface.

Some of what’s getting pushed to the surface is gunk; that’s my non-technical term for everything that’s not healthy, like old food waste that was never eliminated, dead viruses, heavy metals, toxins, and various poisonous substances that are part of daily life.

The best thing to do in spring, then, is to cleanse. Clean out all of the gunk in your body, at this time when it is floating freely.

To help you with this, I’ve written two articles on cleansing:

I help clients with their cleansing in appointments. All gunk has an energetic component to it, and usually an emotional component as well. And it’s always important to keep our energy fields clean. I’ve done many different cleanses over the years, and have spent the last ten months doing a full-body detox, and I bring all of that knowledge into our sessions. It accounts for the “holistic” part of my healing work. I’ll be happy to guide you through your own cleansing if you’d like.


Eclipse Season: We have solar and lunar eclipses about three times per year. They come in pairs–a solar and a lunar eclipse, two weeks apart. The next eclipse season begins this month and goes into May.

  • April 30: Partial Eclipse of the Sun (2:45pm to 6:37pm EST)
  • May 15-16: Total Eclipse of the Moon (9:32pm to 2:50am EST)

Eclipses are huge energetic events. They have the power to reset our energy bodies to new and higher levels. They can anchor in a change instantly, so that what we worked towards is now a permanent feature of who we are. They are really special, if we choose to use them.

And they do indeed get used. I’ve written about the Occult perspective of eclipses in this article, “Solar and Lunar Eclipses: What happens, what it does to us, and how Occultists use the energy.”


In-person Appointments: I’ll be doing in-person appointments on Saturday, April 23. I’ll be working out of the beautiful Pine & Patchouli, at 39 Foster Street in Perth, Ontario.

To book an in-person appointment, call the shop owner Kay at 613-240-0142.


CYPHA Practice Group: For alumni of my healing course, our next Healing Practice Group is Saturday, June 11. You can register here.

I first hosted this in March and it was a lot of fun for me, but more importantly I think it was very useful for the alum. Join in to practice your remote healing techniques, try something new, or finally get to the bottom of a mystery symptom you’ve been dealing with.


Group Healing: Relax, de-stress, and feel peaceful inside. Join me for the Monthly Healing Call on Wednesday, April 6. It’s 7-8pm EST online. We’ll meditate, I’ll do some healing on you, and if you have a question, you can ask it. Join here.


If I can assist you with healing, coaching, or guidance, then appointments can be made here.

I wish you bursts of clean and vibrant energy,

~ Jen Wozny
BA, MSc, Founder


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Wednesday, April 6: Monthly Healing Call. Features guided meditation, connection to and messages from your Higher Self, distant energy healing, and guidance during a Q&A period. 7-8pm EST. Online.

Saturday, April 23: In-person appointments at Pine & Patchouli in Perth, Ontario (39 Foster Street). 11am to 4pm. To book, contact the shop’s owner Kay at 613-240-0142.

Every Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: Soul-level energy healing and life coaching appointments, by phone/Skype. Choose from 2 hours, 90 minutes, 1 hour, or 30 minutes. Or, book a free consultation.



Celestial Influences: April 2022

1: New Moon
16: Full Moon
29: Pluto Retrograde begins
30: New Moon
30: Partial Eclipse of the Sun (2:45pm to 6:37pm EST)



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