Background: On Saturday, May 21, 2022, a major storm ripped across Ontario, causing damage through the whole province, taking the lives of at least eight people, and devastating the hydro infrastructure. I live in Ottawa, at the eastern edge of the province, and many here have wind damage to their homes and will be without power for days. ontario storm mental health


Ontario / Ottawa: How are you doing after the storm on May 21?

Let’s remember that it’s not just your house / apartment that was affected. YOU were affected.

We need to nourish three things now:

1. Our emotions. This was stressful, at best; traumatic and scary at worst. Communicate, vent, release, and/or feel your emotions. Rest; be gentle with yourself; engage in your kindest self-care practices.

2. Our nervous systems. Stress impacts our nerves, our digestion, our entire endocrine systems–especially our adrenal glands, and our brains. Take measures to repair and restore all of these physical organs/systems. Feed your adrenals, especially; they like glucose, licorice root, and other restorative herbs.

3. Our IMMUNE systems. The body’s immunity takes a hit with stress. It makes us vulnerable to new illnesses. It also can activate viruses, bad bacteria, and other illnesses that are already inside of us but just laying dormant. Our immune systems like Zinc, especially. They also like glutathione, D3, fresh fruits and veggies, and rest.

Any questions, I’m happy to help.

~ Jen


ontario storm mental health

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