The energies that have hit our planet in the last week will probably go down in lightworker history as some of the most disruptive energies that we have felt so far.

It has been just awful on our external realities (physical life). It feels both totally exhausting and gratingly irritating.

I’m usually so tolerant and diplomatic when I interact with people out in the world, but I have been so irritated at people’s behaviour (and honestly, rightly so) that I have talked back to them—fairly but firmly. This is so counter to who I usually am. But I just can’t take it. If someone is being mean, or they’re not paying attention in a professional setting, or a chain of ineptitude has inconvenienced me multiple times, then…I’m not able to tolerate it right now.

And the exhaustion: It’s like we’re able to fall asleep standing up, or leaning against the counter. It’s beyond the typical exhaustion that we usually feel with these energies.

The usual space weather charts have shown some of the energy that’s hit the Earth. Yes, the Schumann chart was white. Yes, the proton count was almost zero (it’s usually about 7.5). Yes, the electron flux is high. Yes…all that usual stuff.

But the chart that I think is the most telling is one that’s not so popularly shared: the magnetopause.

The magnetopause chart basically shows planet Earth as it is blown around by the cosmic winds. Think of a flag, and it blows gently in the breeze on a normal day. And that breeze—on a normal day—blows in one single direction.

Over the last week, that flag has been rocked in every direction by (figuratively) a surprise hurricane. And that hurricane—where did it come from? A CME (the energy launched off the sun during a solar flare)? No. There has been no real CME. A geomagnetic storm? Nope. No storm. One of our other usual instigators? Not that I’ve seen.

Someone may have an explanation for where this hit originated; maybe the comet that’s approaching the Sun. I haven’t seen a proper explanation from the scientific sources. But that’s not the point here. The point is that something happened, and it’s huge, and it feels awful.

Please know that people’s brains and minds get scattered when things like this happen; brains run on electricity, right? People literally are “not in their right minds.” They’re hyper, they’re spaced out, they’re not thinking clearly. I’ve noticed that people are LOUD. 

We are uber-sensitive right now. It’s the “I just want to crawl into a dark, cozy, quiet space by myself and wait for this to pass” sensitivity.

And it’s the “nothing really happened but I got triggered anyway” sensitivity.

On the inner planes, though, things are pretty good. Shifts are happening for people; successes are being felt. So it is positive. It really is. It just feels awful.

Be gentle with yourself. And please be careful out there. People are affected but they don’t even know it.

~ Jen


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