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I’ll be opening a new session of my course to Cultivate Your Psychic & Healing Abilities soon.  I’m thinking that it will begin in February 2023.  Are you interested?  Please let me know.

About the Course

What’s this course about?  Well, I teach you the framework through which to understand several things: your own psychic skills; the spirit world; and how energy healing actually happens, including to specifically detail the process for several techniques.

What I don’t do is standardize the way that each student is to do the healing.  It’s not an in-the-box course.  I don’t do well with pre-determined limitations.  I instead guide you to discover YOUR unique way of doing this work.  Because you do it differently than I do; as you should.  So you’ll develop skills that feel natural to you, and you’ll even remember things that you have done before–in other lifetimes.  And all of that empowers you.

You’ll also spend the course practicing the energy healing techniques on…yourself.  You are your first priority.  What this also means is that you will end the course lighter, more whole, and healthier than when you began it.

You can read about the course here.  And if you want to talk about it, book a free phone consult and we can discuss whether this is right for you.

I hope to see you in class. ❤




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Jen Wozny, BA (Psychology), MSc (Intelligence Analysis) Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Psychic Healer, Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, CEs from NICABM in treating trauma


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