One time, I was teaching a class on how to connect with your Higher Self and get messages from it.

I guided the group into meditation, had them connect, and told them to ask some questions and then see what happened.

When the meditation was finished, I went around the room inviting the students to share their experiences.

One student said, “Jen, I’m not psychic. Nothing happened.”

So I said, “Did you ask a question?”


“Okay. Tell us what happened next.”

“Well, I asked my question and then I just saw purple light. And then I saw the head of an animal.”

Me: “So let’s get this straight: You asked a question of your Higher Self, and immediately afterward you saw–in your inner sight–some things in response.”

Student: “Um, yeah, I guess so.”

Me: “And your mind wasn’t generating these images, right?”

Student: “No way. I don’t even know what they mean.”

Me: “Congratulations, you’re psychic. You have clear seeing. It’s also called clairvoyance.”

I often find that, in the course of working with a client, they describe multiple psychic experiences that they’ve had or messages that they’ve received.  But when I point this out, they’re surprised to think that they are actually psychic.  (But trust me, they are!)

So, sometimes we just need a little help identifying our psychic abilities, and we need a framework through which to understand them.

đź”® If you’d like some help with your psychic skills, this is indeed something that I do in appointments.  You can book that here.

~ Jen


jen wozny, psychic teacher, reiki master, spiritual awakening guide, life coach
Jen Wozny, BA (Psychology), MSc (Intelligence Analysis) Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Psychic Healer, Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, CEs from NICABM in treating trauma

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