In this video, learn:

– the two different types of release

– where anger is stored in the body

– how to defuse anger in under a minute

– why your energy body matters

– the ultimate way to deal with your anger

To heal your anger or other strong emotion, try a session of energy healing with life coaching. Appointments are virtual and trauma sensitive.

*This information was excerpted from the Monthly Healing Call, hosted by Jen Wozny each month. © 2022 Jen Wozny. All rights reserved.

jen wozny, psychic teacher, reiki master, spiritual awakening guide, life coach
Jen Wozny,
BA (Psychology), MSc (Intelligence Analysis),
Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Psychic Healer,
Life Coach, Yoga Teacher,
with CEs from NICABM in treating trauma

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