We’re entering year 3 of the pandemic. There’s now a flu *epidemic* here in Ontario. Other respiratory viruses are circulating. Our health care systems are struggling to care for people. Doctors and nurses are quitting faster than we can replace them. There’s a shortage of pain, fever, and antibiotic medicines for children. And our immune systems are far more compromised than they were before this all started, because we’re far more burned out than ever.

On top of this, people are still arguing about what to do in order to keep everyone healthy. (Isn’t that wild?)

So the threats are increasing, the help is decreasing, and we are more vulnerable than ever.

What does that tell you?

What it tells me is that it is more imperative than ever that you start taking care of your own health—in a big way.

Discussing a comprehensive strategy would require a lot more space than I’m going to take up for now, so I’m going to give the highlights. Below is a list of things that you can do to rebuild your body’s natural immunity, begin healing the effects of burnout and chronic stress, and increase your health (physical, emotional, and psychological).

I present these in no particular order. I also add the caveat that I’m not a medical doctor and this is not medical advice. Always consult your licensed MD, especially if you are on medications or have an existing medical condition, both of which could involve contraindications with any of the items below.



Immune Health


(I use Vimergy for all of these; available from amazon.ca)
Licorice Root (also breaks up “kapha” or stagnation and mucus in the lungs. Note that licorice root can raise blood pressure.)
Nettle Leaf
Cat’s Claw
Lemon Balm


Stress and Burnout Recovery
(also see Dr. Morse’s endocrine and adrenal tinctures, below)
Tulsi (Holy Basil)
a blend of adaptogenic herbs (which both items above are)


Key Vitamins
(I use Vimergy for most of these; available from amazon.ca)
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin B12
Vitamin 3 (only when sick; it apparently is not effective as a prophylactic)


Dr. Morse’s Healing Tinctures
(I love these; available from https://drmorsesherbalhealthclub.com/)
Endocrine Support (the whole endocrine system is implicated in responding to stress, and is also responsible for signaling the body to remove waste)
Adrenal Support
Brain and Nerve (also good for depression; read the reviews)
Kidney and Bladder 2 (why the kidneys? because your kidneys probably aren’t removing waste from your body, which means you’re full of waste, and that waste rots, and it also creates a chemical environment in which viruses and nasty stuff thrive)
GI Renew (choose the level that suits your body) (promotes bowel movements—so that you’re not reabsorbing your waste as with the kidneys—while also cleaning and rebuilding the digestive tract)
Heal All Tea


(No diffuser? Put 2 drops on a Q-tip, stick it into your nose, and inhale for a few minutes. Or put 5-6 drops on the floor of your shower and let the steam aerosolize it for you.)
Star Anise (Did you know? It’s the anti-viral ingredient in Tamiflu; see https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31997473/)
White Pine


Your cells are almost certainly dehydrated. And how can icky stuff like viruses be removed from your body when everything’s dry? They can’t. So they stay in there.

Hydrate, therefore, with these two main things: freshly made fruit and/or vegetable juice; and purified water with fresh lemon juice (you can add raw honey or maple syrup). By freshly made, that means within 12-24 hours. Yes, that means you can’t buy something off the shelf at the store; it’s already dead. Invest in a juicer or find a juice bar near you.

I started with a simply citrus juicer machine and made 40 ounces of grapefruit juice every single day for about five months. It’s effort, but your body will thank you.

Fruit juice provides the best fuel, as it contains glucose, which is the fuel that your adrenal glands, brain, and body run on. But if you have a fever, then cucumber juice will help to cool it.


You have to stop feeding the pathogens. So learn what they eat—because they do eat. Ever think of that? Some of their favourite foods, as told by Medical Medium, are: eggs; gluten; dairy; pork; and corn. These things also create an acidic environment inside your body, and its in acidity that pathogens survive. Become alkaline (which is a years-long endeavor) and they’ll have a hard time living inside of you.


Your body needs to be in parasympathetic activation in order to heal. What does that really mean? It means you need to stop. Stop. Right now. Cut some stuff out of your life. Do you really need to go the extra mile? No, you don’t. What you need is rest. So do that—regularly.

And know that just stopping and sitting doesn’t necessarily trigger your parasympathetic nervous system. You have to *really* be resting. And that can take time for your body to re-learn. So do that. Go do something that you love; something quiet and peaceful, and feel your body start to relax. Then do more of that.

Set your boundaries. Say no. Create space in your life for your wellbeing.



You need to deal with the emotional and psychological consequences of the last three years.  Bad stuff happened in your life.  If it didn’t, then you’ve seen it happening to others.  Who remembers the coffins lined up on the streets of Italy?  Who remembers hearing what was happening to our mothers, fathers, and grandparents in the long-term care homes?  Who was pressured into doing something they felt was wrong (whatever that was)?  All of these things have affected you, and you will carry that with you until you turn inward, unpack it, and heal it.

That’s what I do for others, actually, so it doesn’t need to be a painful process.  If you’d like to do an energy healing and life coaching appointment, then I’m here for you.  I blend Reiki, Shamanism, and Psychic Healing, to help you deeply but gently; and conveniently over the phone. You can book your session here.

~ Jen


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