I am so delighted to share this with you: My new online course is now open for applications!

The Heal Your Soul online course has subsumed my former energy healing course and put its entire focus on you healing you!

This is a 10-month program taught on Zoom, with all of the materials also available online on my website.

Whatever your level of experience with meditation, psychic abilities, energy work, and the spirit world, I will guide you gradually through what you need to know in order to learn remote energy healing that you will eventually do on your entire soul. You will start with a strong foundation and build on it, month to month, working at the pace that is right for you.


This course is designed to take you deep into yourself to unpack some things that need to be unpacked, let go of things that don’t serve you, and identify and heal the root causes of the things that bother you.

The blessing is that you will do the work at the pace that is right for you, you don’t need to spend much time with any given wound if you don’t want to, and when you finally heal a wound using this modality, it’s gone forever.  You can go gently and slowly, staying at the surface layer of your issues.  Or you can dive right in, going deep and into the darker areas of your soul.


Here are some of the wounds that we commonly need to heal:

  • any of the things that trigger you in everyday situations;
  • injuries (physical, psychological, emotional) that you have had;
  • traumas small and large;
  • heartaches, betrayals, breakups;
  • feelings of being stuck, pushed down, or held back;
  • diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, or obsessive compulsiveness;
  • fears or nightmares;
  • feelings of not being fully present in your body, dissociation, or excessive daydreaming;
  • abandonment issues, disappointments, feeling let down;
  • loneliness or isolation;
  • not feeling good enough, low or no self-confidence, feeling that you need to prove yourself;
  • uncontrollable thoughts, negative beliefs, or unwanted habits;
  • keeping yourself busy on purpose, running away, not wanting to look clearly at a situation;
  • anger, rage, feelings of helplessness;
  • feeling powerless, feeling or being subjugated, feeling invisible.

Do you see yourself in here?

Can you imagine being free of these, so that they no longer bother you but instead you live every day of your life free, uplifted, empowered, and happy?

That’s what this course is about: You—empowered.

Whether a wound is your own, or belongs to your ancestors, to a partner, or to anyone else, in this course you will learn how to heal it. When you heal it, you know peace.

And the skills that you learn in this course are ones that you will take with you always.

With each “homework” assignment, you will literally feel better, lighter, clearer, more whole, and more free.

How can it be any better than that?!

Read the full details about the course, its curriculum, and its schedule.

Download the application.

If you have any questions, set up a free phone consult with me and let’s chat!

I hope to see you in class soon!

~ Jen



Who Should Take This Course?

You know there is something big inside of you that wants to come out.
You know that there is so much more to you than what you have discovered so far.
You believe in, or at least acknowledge, psychic abilities.
You believe in the world of spirit.
You believe in Source (or God or the All).
You somehow are suffering: from pains, traumas, emotional wounds, or just wounds that you can’t identify but you know they’re there.
You want to break free from what ails you, what tries to make you small, what has maybe even imprisoned your ancestors for a long time.
You feel called to become your greatest self.
You maybe don’t know how to do that or would appreciate some guidance along the way.
You are willing and ready to excavate your soul, bring the darkness into the light, and reintegrate all of your lost energy and power.
You have the time, or are willing to make it, to dedicate the next 10 months to your healing journey.

If this resonates with you, then this is your course.

Click here to go to the course page.



View the full course details here.



In this 10-month program,
heal your oldest and deepest wounds,
as well as your day-to-day irritants.
Connect with your Soul, develop your psychic gifts,
learn to do remote energy healing,
and turn that skill onto yourself.
Become freer and lighter after each “homework” assignment.
Feel deeply authentic, empowered, and
more whole at the end of the course.



About the Teacher

Jen Wozny is a Holistic Energy Healer who blends Reiki, Shamanism, Psychic Healing, and the skills that her soul has developed over many lifetimes.  She actually did not set out to become a healer; rather, she simply wanted to heal herself.  That journey took her deeper and deeper into her soul, into wounds that were billions of years old, and into wounds that were located all across the Cosmos in different parts of time and space.  Jen wasn’t able to find an existing healer who could understand what was happening to her or who was able to ease her suffering.  In order to become free of those wounds, then, Jen had to train herself to heal at high levels; she was assisted in this by Spirit and Source, both of whom guided the process.

Jen’s years-long journey encompassed simultaneously the Spiritual Awakening process, the Dark Night of the Soul, the Hero’s Journey, high-level Lightwork at this time of great need on Earth, and a version of the Shamanic Awakening process, which ultimately tries to kill its subject.

Jen is one of the few energy healers who works with Dark energy, having studied it, faced off against it, and successfully dealt with it as part of not only her own healing process but the Lightworker tasks assigned to her.  Dark energies are part of life.  They are unpleasant at times, but if we truly want to be healed and awakened, then we cannot pretend that they don’t exist, and we certainly cannot pretend that they don’t affect us.

As trauma was such a large part of Jen’s own experience, the subject is close to her heart and she has studied PTSD and C-PTSD, and received continuing education credits from NICABM in healing trauma.  She also puts a focus on ethics in all of her work and in her courses; ethics are rarely if ever taught in spiritual and energy healing circles, and much harm is caused as a result.

jen wozny, jennifer wozny, put the light here, canadian healer, trauma informed energy healing

In her previous life, Jen had a background in national security and a career in the federal government, including to work for Canada’s National Security Advisor.  Her teaching experience includes designing and teaching courses to the US National Security Agency, the US Department of Homeland Security, and her alma mater Mercyhurst University. She also wrote a Masters thesis about best practices in written communication, and applies this knowledge to ensure a clear, simplified delivery of spiritual and esoteric subjects.

Jen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Intelligence Analysis.  She is also a Reiki Master, Shamanic practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and Life Coach.

To read more about Jen’s transformation, see “25,000 Miles to Me: Faith, Endurance, and Uncovering My True Self.”

For more information about Jen, please see here.

Read what clients and students are saying about Jen’s courses and healing services.



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