Christmas gifts that say, “I see you”

Dear Friend, The holiday season is upon us, and we're thinking about "what to get" for that other person.  Here's something to think about: As humans, one of our fundamental needs is to be seen; to be truly noticed, heard, and felt by another person.  And so the best gifts are the ones that tell someone, … Continue reading Christmas gifts that say, “I see you”

February News: Healing relationship wounds

Happy February! How are you doing? Relationship Healings: February of course brings with it the holiday of Valentine's Day. I think many of us have mixed feelings about this celebration. I myself love the pink colors and the hearts, and of course fresh flowers; but there is an artificial energy to the day, plus a … Continue reading February News: Healing relationship wounds

May you be surrounded by kindness

How does it feel when you are treated with kindness? When you receive help carrying your things, a smile from a stranger, a thoughtful gesture from a loved one, patience when you need it...? Continue reading this post here.

Finding friendship in nature

When I was required to be in isolation for a long period of time, I had nearly no contact with people. I was alone with myself, with the spirit world above us, and with the natural world around me. It was a time when my friends were almost entirely invisible (the Masters, the Archangels, or … Continue reading Finding friendship in nature

If we have a lifeline to offer, then let’s toss it

"No one likes a complainer." We hear this statement often, and indeed the energy of a true complainer is icky. I recently heard this statement though from one of the "success gurus": someone who made themselves very wealthy and was telling people how they, too, may become successful. Basically, the person said this: Life owes … Continue reading If we have a lifeline to offer, then let’s toss it