Christmas gifts that say, “I see you”

Dear Friend, The holiday season is upon us, and we're thinking about "what to get" for that other person.  Here's something to think about: As humans, one of our fundamental needs is to be seen; to be truly noticed, heard, and felt by another person.  And so the best gifts are the ones that tell someone, … Continue reading Christmas gifts that say, “I see you”

September News: It’s baaaaack!!!!!

  Happy September!  How are you doing? First and foremost, I have some news: I am so absolutely delighted and ecstatic to say that I will be back, doing IN-PERSON APPOINTMENTS, at GREEN SPIRIT, THIS SUNDAY! Yes, I had to write that in all caps! Come in for an appointment, Ottawa! To book, call the ladies … Continue reading September News: It’s baaaaack!!!!!