Sunshine Blogger Award: A kind nomination for the PTLH blog

It is with warm gratitude that I share that this blog has been nominated for the “Sunshine Blogger Award.” This nomination and award is given by fellow bloggers, in recognition of posts that are “creative, positive, and inspirational.” My thanks go to Crystal Grasso (Ward) of “Maybe Crazy Help,” who wrote these kind words in … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award: A kind nomination for the PTLH blog

17 days to closure (following the transition of a soul)

Someone I used to know passed away last night.  Due to a recent decline in health, it was expected.  In advance of their passing, I had offered to help their soul make it Home as easily as possible.  I was granted permission, and indeed tuned in to them this morning. Continue reading this post here.

Playfulness is next to Godliness

In some interpretations, enlightenment is associated with a childlike nature. Laughter and good humor; a playful manner; wonder at all things; communion with nature and her plants and animals; a heart that is open, pure, and innocent; and a knowing that we are surrounded by magic, which we know is also ours to embrace.   … Continue reading Playfulness is next to Godliness

The power to change our karma

I’ve been dealing a lot lately with people who owe me something that I loaned to them with love. I’ve been trying to get it back, because too much time has passed. In response, I’ve been ignored, unfriended, blocked on Facebook, and my household has been the recipient of psychic attacks (be they deliberate or … Continue reading The power to change our karma

May you be surrounded by kindness

How does it feel when you are treated with kindness? When you receive help carrying your things, a smile from a stranger, a thoughtful gesture from a loved one, patience when you need it...? Continue reading this post here.

Right versus wrong use of power

In some mystery teachings, students were required to open their hearts and shed their egos before they were permitted to have occult powers. This system ensured that, when the individual did gain special abilities, these would be used rightly—for the right reasons, at the right times, and only when necessary. Continue reading this post here.

Finding friendship in nature

When I was required to be in isolation for a long period of time, I had nearly no contact with people. I was alone with myself, with the spirit world above us, and with the natural world around me. It was a time when my friends were almost entirely invisible (the Masters, the Archangels, or … Continue reading Finding friendship in nature

Life can change in an instant

Fires are burning the west coast of North America. Floods are drowning the south coast. Winds are destroying the east coast and Caribbean. Continue reading this post here.

Stop. (Don’t) look. (Just) listen. To your heart.

I spoke with a friend recently. She was coming out of a period of upset. She’s a significant healer, fellow wisdom teacher, and purely loving being. She’s here in our world for the purpose of helping us. She often works in the background, quietly removing unpleasant energies and sending waves of love, clarity, and harmony … Continue reading Stop. (Don’t) look. (Just) listen. To your heart.

Peace, Part 2

I guess this is Part 2 of my earlier post about Peace.  I never intended to continue the discussion.  But recent events in the United States have many people unsettled about The State of Humanity. We exist on a planet of many competing forces: dark v light; fear v love; hate v compassion; aggression v … Continue reading Peace, Part 2

Do we “impose” or even “keep” peace? No: We embody it.

Inner peace is the only true starting point of peace, anywhere. If you yourself are not inwardly peaceful, then how can you know what peace is for others? Even more: How can you seek to impose "peace" on others, or to "keep" the peace somewhere? You can't. You cannot. One who is not themself at … Continue reading Do we “impose” or even “keep” peace? No: We embody it.

If we have a lifeline to offer, then let’s toss it

"No one likes a complainer." We hear this statement often, and indeed the energy of a true complainer is icky. I recently heard this statement though from one of the "success gurus": someone who made themselves very wealthy and was telling people how they, too, may become successful. Basically, the person said this: Life owes … Continue reading If we have a lifeline to offer, then let’s toss it