25,000 Miles to Me: Faith, Endurance, and Uncovering My True Self

So many people are waking up now, going through their spiritual journey, and looking for help. Here, re-posted, is the story of how leaning into Faith and Trust carried me from one end of the path to the other. The process needs to unfold, and we just need to allow it.

If ever you’d like some help, I’ll be honoured to work with you.

~ Jen

Put The Light Here

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Hi!  I’m Jen Wozny!  The short version of my story is that I went on a spiritual journey, discovered who I am, and am now happier than ever. The long version of the story, below, includes the fact that the process was years in the making, excruciatingly painful, and was made extra-difficult because I was going through things that are not widely discussed in the healing community.

There is no real start date to my awakening process. But I do recall a pivotal moment in 2007 that sticks in my mind as being important: I was reading the popular book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, which tells of how she left a seemingly perfect life—with a…

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My life in the pandemic, and the many paths to our common goal: Ending this thing

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