Energy Update (Video): January-March 2019

In this video, I explain the energies of January-March 2019. The sleeplessness, the weird pains, the death, the darkness, the glitchy technology. But also the spontaneous awakenings. Hear all the angles, as well as what to expect for the next few months and the ultimate tip to get through this energy.   You are welcome … Continue reading Energy Update (Video): January-March 2019

Did you feel ill last weekend?

Many people have been feeling the effects of intense energy coming onto the Earth, since last Wednesday / Thursday. It has been manifesting as nausea, shakiness, headaches, pressure in the third eye, dizziness (or feeling like parts of your body or energy field are rocking), trouble sleeping--or sleeping longer than usual, and more. Continue reading … Continue reading Did you feel ill last weekend?