I *am* the change, and I’m waiting for the world to catch up

I'm not really a fan of people telling me what to do. Especially if they are speaking from a self-exalted position, telling me to be this or do that. Anyone who speaks *at* us, without including themselves in their own message, still hasn't gotten it yet; hasn't embodied their own preachings. So when it comes … Continue reading I *am* the change, and I’m waiting for the world to catch up

The Tidal Wave of Change

Looking beneath the surface of our world, we can see a significant thing happening: masses of people who are standing up to the systems that are proving to be harmful, not helpful.   Continue reading this post here.

What’s “Step 1”?

"Let him who would move the world, first move himself." ~ Socrates I first encountered this quote during the training to become a Teacher of Kundalini Yoga, and so I equate it with Yogi Bhajan. Today marks the anniversary of the day he transitioned out of his life on Earth; I suppose this is why … Continue reading What’s “Step 1”?

Life can change in an instant

Fires are burning the west coast of North America. Floods are drowning the south coast. Winds are destroying the east coast and Caribbean. Continue reading this post here.