The Tidal Wave of Change

Looking beneath the surface of our world, we can see a significant thing happening: masses of people who are standing up to the systems that are proving to be harmful, not helpful.   Continue reading this post here.

Finding friendship in nature

When I was required to be in isolation for a long period of time, I had nearly no contact with people. I was alone with myself, with the spirit world above us, and with the natural world around me. It was a time when my friends were almost entirely invisible (the Masters, the Archangels, or … Continue reading Finding friendship in nature

Are you feelin’ it? Here’s how to track it

Have you ever felt suddenly tired for no reason? Suddenly dizzy or lightheaded? Suddenly angry? Ever started to sob and you didn't know why? Perhaps the energy in your head felt like it was upside you were dizzy as if drunk, but not spinning. It was truly as if your head was upside down … Continue reading Are you feelin’ it? Here’s how to track it