Solstice and Ascension (short post)

Solstice is on Tuesday, December 21, and the energies are already making me think of the awakening/ascension journey. A big part of "ascension" (going higher) involves shedding low-vibrational, dense energy inside your energy body, and then welcoming in high-vibrational, refined energy. But integrating high-vibe energy into your body is really uncomfortable at times.     … Continue reading Solstice and Ascension (short post)

The Trade-Off: Afraid to go higher

Our goals often require some form of sacrifice or “hardship.” There is something that we must do, overcome, work for, or give up in order to attain that goal. And this fact can cause us to feel fear. Fear of what those hardships might be. Fear of what will be lost in the process of … Continue reading The Trade-Off: Afraid to go higher