Has your quality of sleep changed?

Has anyone else been extra busy lately while they are sleeping?  I have noticed a significant increase in my nighttime work since about December 25.  Whereas normally I visit one or a few different realms while I'm out of the body at night, lately I've been going in and out of places constantly.  And each … Continue reading Has your quality of sleep changed?

With Love, from the Light

This is just a short post to say: Happy Solstice Eve Day. Love, the Lightworkers. The following photos were taken at 2:37pm EST on December 20, 2017. I had just awoken from downloading another influx of light, when the Sun flared at me. When this happens, it’s often a communication from Father Sun, and I … Continue reading With Love, from the Light

Fall Equinox: Are You Ready for the Harvest?

On Friday, September 22, 2017, some of the world will be focused on the arrival of autumn, and they will celebrate by changing their decorations to reflect the golden shades of the season, preparing their gardens for winter, and perhaps looking forward to cool nights with warm beverages. Continue reading this post here.

Hi, my name is…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcDd8Daf3FE   If you need to go high up into the Light, or deep down into the Dark places... If you seek Earth-based wisdom to assist you, or prefer Cosmic-level understanding... If you need help in this now moment, or can wait until your scheduled appointment... Continue reading.

Are you feelin’ it? Here’s how to track it

Have you ever felt suddenly tired for no reason? Suddenly dizzy or lightheaded? Suddenly angry? Ever started to sob and you didn't know why? Perhaps the energy in your head felt like it was upside down...so you were dizzy as if drunk, but not spinning. It was truly as if your head was upside down … Continue reading Are you feelin’ it? Here’s how to track it