Energy Healing (Cymatics): The sounds around us are changing our cells

Here’s a fun way to look at a serious subject: Swiss students exposed cheese to different types of music for six months to see if the sound vibrations (i.e., the music) would affect how the matter (i.e., the cheese) developed. Guess what? It did. Continue reading.

17 days to closure (following the transition of a soul)

Someone I used to know passed away last night.  Due to a recent decline in health, it was expected.  In advance of their passing, I had offered to help their soul make it Home as easily as possible.  I was granted permission, and indeed tuned in to them this morning. Continue reading this post here.

Spirituality should be like a giant dance party

It was winter of 2012.  I was deep in the middle of training to become a teacher of Kundalini Yoga.  I was so into it, this practice, this culture, this whole new world.  One thing I loved most was the music...   Continue reading this post here.

The ecstasy within you

"If you have put God outside of you, [then] there’s nothing in you. And that’s why you’re suffering." The quote above was given to us by Yogi Bhajan, one of the yogic masters who taught us that we ourselves are God (or Source, or the Divine, or your personal preference for this concept). Continue reading … Continue reading The ecstasy within you