Energy Update: Mid-January 2020

The first two weeks of the year set the trend for 2020: collapse of the physical world, and rise of the spiritual one. Look for the light, and be prepared.

Last Chance: Develop your psychic and healing skills

Last day to join! Discover your psychic skills, learn to facilitate distant energy healing on yourself, and choose topics to work on—your health; your connection to spirit guides; and whatever is your physical, emotional, or spiritual priority. Get feedback and tips from myself and the group. We meet online once a month for six months, with homework done at … Continue reading Last Chance: Develop your psychic and healing skills

Lightworker Portfolios: March Equinox as a Delivery Point for Light

It was a Monday.  2015.  March.  Into my awareness came the words, "Power Surge."  Flashing; on and off, on and off.  "Power Surge.  Power Surge.  Power Surge."  A warning light. This had never happened before.   Continue reading this post here.

Fall Equinox: Are You Ready for the Harvest?

On Friday, September 22, 2017, some of the world will be focused on the arrival of autumn, and they will celebrate by changing their decorations to reflect the golden shades of the season, preparing their gardens for winter, and perhaps looking forward to cool nights with warm beverages. Continue reading this post here.

Did you know you have double the power this month?

Part of my journey of awakening to my true self included the heavy use of numerology. This is the understanding of numbers for their mystical, occult, and energetic significance.  We live in a Universe that is created with order; and part of that order is revealed through...yup, numbers. Continue reading this post here.

Lightworker Journal: May 28, 2017

I sit in my new favorite place, my window seat. And all is quiet around me, save for the sounds coming from outside. The window is open two inches; enough for me to be part of the world. To watch it from my perch, two stories up, and hidden behind glass. I observe. Continue reading.

7 Spiritual Reasons Why People Are Mean

At 6:48am one morning, my phone received a text message.  Reading it, my heart hurt immediately; I could feel the depth of hurt that had generated this question: "Jen, why are people so mean?" I wondered what had already happened in my friend's day to make her ask such a thing. Continue reading.