February News: Healing relationship wounds

Happy February! How are you doing? Relationship Healings: February of course brings with it the holiday of Valentine's Day. I think many of us have mixed feelings about this celebration. I myself love the pink colors and the hearts, and of course fresh flowers; but there is an artificial energy to the day, plus a … Continue reading February News: Healing relationship wounds

The first priority for healing is not them; it’s you

We had a great discussion in class today that I want to share with you: The bottom line is this: In healing and in life, our first priority is ourself. If we’re in a bad situation, an abusive relationship, or a toxic workplace, then our first priority is getting out of that situation and getting … Continue reading The first priority for healing is not them; it’s you

Collaborate. Or celebrate. But do not compete.

We are all one race on this small planet we call Home. There cannot be just one victor, one winner; nor a small handful of winners. Continue reading.

The illusion of the layers

The statement above has a literal meaning as well as a deeper meaning. The literal meaning is that I just looked too closely at a rap song I’ve enjoyed for decades and realized the artist probably a) was way high when she wrote it and b) never took a grammar course. Continue reading this post … Continue reading The illusion of the layers

Finding friendship in nature

When I was required to be in isolation for a long period of time, I had nearly no contact with people. I was alone with myself, with the spirit world above us, and with the natural world around me. It was a time when my friends were almost entirely invisible (the Masters, the Archangels, or … Continue reading Finding friendship in nature