A special, spooky sale for Halloween…!

Happy Halloween! At this time of year, the veil between our world and the spirit world is thin.  We are more likely to encounter energies, beings, and friends on the other side.  The ideas of magic, witchcraft, demons, ghosts, and more are all around us. Continue reading this post here.

Looking young but being wise

By the end of the teacher training for Kundalini Yoga, there were classmates of mine who looked like different people. When they started five months prior, they were stressed, run down, wrinkled, low in energy, and not pleasant to be around. Yet now they had open hearts and easy smiles, the lines were smoothed, and … Continue reading Looking young but being wise

Do we “impose” or even “keep” peace? No: We embody it.

Inner peace is the only true starting point of peace, anywhere. If you yourself are not inwardly peaceful, then how can you know what peace is for others? Even more: How can you seek to impose "peace" on others, or to "keep" the peace somewhere? You can't. You cannot. One who is not themself at … Continue reading Do we “impose” or even “keep” peace? No: We embody it.