Podcast: Amazing Humans, peaceful auras, and falling apart in phases

I'm so excited to share this podcast!  I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Ottawa's Bree Palmer on her Amazing Humans Podcast. It was a fun, funny, and enlightening conversation.  I invite you to check it out: Amazing Humans Podcast   I speak with Bree Palmer about: how healing ourselves can give us a … Continue reading Podcast: Amazing Humans, peaceful auras, and falling apart in phases

17 days to closure (following the transition of a soul)

Someone I used to know passed away last night.  Due to a recent decline in health, it was expected.  In advance of their passing, I had offered to help their soul make it Home as easily as possible.  I was granted permission, and indeed tuned in to them this morning. Continue reading this post here.

Did you know you have double the power this month?

Part of my journey of awakening to my true self included the heavy use of numerology. This is the understanding of numbers for their mystical, occult, and energetic significance.  We live in a Universe that is created with order; and part of that order is revealed through...yup, numbers. Continue reading this post here.

Hi, my name is…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcDd8Daf3FE   If you need to go high up into the Light, or deep down into the Dark places... If you seek Earth-based wisdom to assist you, or prefer Cosmic-level understanding... If you need help in this now moment, or can wait until your scheduled appointment... Continue reading.

Lightworker Journal: May 28, 2017

I sit in my new favorite place, my window seat. And all is quiet around me, save for the sounds coming from outside. The window is open two inches; enough for me to be part of the world. To watch it from my perch, two stories up, and hidden behind glass. I observe. Continue reading.

7 Spiritual Reasons Why People Are Mean

At 6:48am one morning, my phone received a text message.  Reading it, my heart hurt immediately; I could feel the depth of hurt that had generated this question: "Jen, why are people so mean?" I wondered what had already happened in my friend's day to make her ask such a thing. Continue reading.